Some customers do not have access to the Microsoft store. If you are unable to install our App from the Microsoft store you may follow the instructions here to install it (bypassing the store is called 'side loading').

Here are the steps to side load CloudExtend Outlook Add-in using your web browser.

Step 1: Login into your Outlook mail on web here
Step 2: Go to your Outlook Account settings and there click on Manage add-ins as shown below

Step 3: Clicking on Manage add-ins opens a pop up as shown below. In the popup click on "My Add-ins > Custom add-ins > Add a customer add-in > Add from URL" as shown below 

Step 4: Clicking on Add from URL will open one more popup as shown below . 

Now paste this URL in the above pop up and click OK 

Step 5: You will now get a warning as shown below. Click Install to continue with Install  

Step 6: Once the installation is complete, close the popup and you are now ready to use CloudExtend Outlook.

Go through our Getting Started Guide for next steps 

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