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Excel For NetSuite Applications

CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite applications are available with two feature sets, Data Management which replaces CSV uploads, and Analytics which replaces CSV search exports. Choose your feature set below.

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Excel for NetSuite Applications NextGen

See how CloudExtend Excel Data Management NextGen can help you manage records in NetSuite. Learn more about the application

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Outlook for NetSuite

This Help Center is for users of the CloudExtend legacy Outlook application.

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Outlook for NetSuite NextGen

This Help Center is for users trying the beta version (avail Nov 2023) of CloudExtend Outlook

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Google Workspace

CloudExtend G Suite includes Gmail, Drive, and Calendar integration. This section includes articles applicable to all Apps such as setup, installation, etc.

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Gmail for NetSuite NextGen

Learn the ins and outs of CloudExtend NextGen application

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Excel Data Management for Salesforce

The easiest way to find anything related to CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce is to search for it here.

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On-Demand Training Videos

Pre-recorded masterclasses and product training sessions

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Product Announcement Webinar Replays

On-demand webinars of previous product feature releases

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Repository for deprecated features of CloudExtend

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