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35 articles
🚧 CloudExtend RoadmapsLinks to CloudExtend product roadmaps
🏋🏻‍♀️CloudExtend Training Resources (all apps)Find all the free training resources available per application
Celigo University CloudExtend Learning TrackLogin into Celigo University and learn about CloudExtend
CloudExtend Partner Training ProgramDo you want to be a part of CloudExtend Partner Training Program? Check out this article
CloudExtend Subscription PortalLearn how to manage your own user licenses with the CloudExtend subscription portal
NetSuite login changes with release 2021.2Learn how to login to CloudExtend Apps with token based authentication or Single Sign On

CloudExtend Login PermissionsLearn about the permissions required to login to NetSuite from CloudExtend Outlook and CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite
Track Opportunities without Sales ActivityGeneral | Learn how to create a saved search to track Opportunities without Sales Activity
Feature Comparison Table: CloudExtend Outlook vs Gmail for NetSuite NextGenGeneral | See comparison chart of the differences between CloudExtend Outlook and Gmail for NetSuite NextGen
Optimize Search for RecordsGeneral | Here are tips to filter your NetSuite global search results search to specific record types
CloudExtend Outlook and Gmail NextGen for NetSuite usage metricsGeneral | Learn how to report on usage
How Last Sales Activity worksGeneral | Learn how LSA is updated in NetSuite when using CloudExtend Gmail and Outlook apps
NetSuite message regarding mandatory two-factor authentication policy summaryLearn how CloudExtend has prepared for NetSuite's mandatory 2FA
How to determine if your NetSuite Account is a OneWorld accountLearn more about identifying your OneWorld Account
Whitelist domain to ensure you receive support emailsWhitelist to ensure our important emails get into your inbox and not spam
Using CheckSum to verify CloudExtend downloadsLearn how to use CheckSum to verify CloudExtend downloads
CloudExtend's approach to NetSuite concurrency limitationsLearn how CloudExtend handles NetSuite concurrency issues
What is a Microsoft ID and why do I need itLearn why CloudExtend requires your Microsoft ID (email) for subscription management login
Learn how to find your NetSuite account numberCloudExtend login flows may ask for your NetSuite account number
How to obtain Web Service Logs and Global Search LogsLearn how to retrieve log files and send them to support
How to tell which browser my CloudExtend add-in usesMicrosoft uses Internet Explorer, Edge, or your default browser to cache data. Learn how to determine your browser and clear cache
Working with 2FA, Admin, Full Access, and Highly Privileged RolesNetSuite is deprecating Full Access Role & making 2FA mandatory for high privilege roles eff 2019.1. Learn how this affects CloudExtend here
CloudExtend Mail Apps - Usage MetricsGeneral | Learn how to configure on usage metrics for email application