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CloudExtend's approach to NetSuite concurrency limitations
CloudExtend's approach to NetSuite concurrency limitations

Learn how CloudExtend handles NetSuite concurrency issues

Updated over a week ago

Users may receive warnings in the app such as "SuiteTalk concurrent request limit exceeded. Request blocked."

Applies to the following products:

  • CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite

  • CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite

NetSuite Concurrency

By default, NetSuite restricts integrations using basic credentials, ie username and password,  to making only one NetSuite web services call at a time. CloudExtend supports basic credentials as well as token based authentication (TBA).

CloudExtend’s Current Approach

NetSuite enforces strict per account concurrency limits. Presently CloudExtend apps are designed to use only one queue (the first available) at a time, irrespective of the login mode (basic credentials or TBA). We want to be a team player with all of your other apps and not be overly aggressive in taking over queues. By ensuring that our apps occupy a single queue  we minimize any impact on other real time business critical applications that customers may have running on their accounts. 

For example, if your account’s allowed concurrency is 10 and your current integrations are using all 10 queues, then CloudExtend app users logging in will run into concurrency issues and our CloudExtend will go into retry mode (as outlined below). 

A future build of CloudExtend may allow admins to specify a maximum number of queues for CloudExtend when using TBA. Customers with sufficient NetSuite queues will have full control over CloudExtend performance.

Retry Approach

In the event all of your NetSuite queues are occupied CloudExtend Apps have a built in retry mechanism. Whenever the app notices that one of it’s requests are rejected - due to concurrency restrictions, it will do the following:

  • after 5 seconds, a message will be displayed within the app indicating that there are no NetSuite queues available.

  • the app will retry every 5 seconds up to 4 more times.

In the event a queue does not become available after the 5th try users will see an appropriate failure notification in the app and they will be required to retry the operation they were performing before. 

NetSuite does provide the ability to purchase additional queues and we recommend this if you consistently encounter concurrency issues.

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