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Troubleshooting: CloudExtend Apps icon is missing
Troubleshooting: CloudExtend Apps icon is missing

General | CloudExtend Apps icon has gone missing

Updated over a week ago

After installing CloudExtend Apps, the CloudExtend icon will appear on the Data tab in Excel or the Home tab in Outlook. Occasionally, the add-in might disappear from these tabs due to some issue on the Microsoft side (caching, account logged out, etc.).

Don't worry though, here are some solutions we've gathered from various sources that should solve the issue.

Check if you are logged in to your associated Microsoft account

The add-ins that appear are associated with your Microsoft account. Most often the issue is related to being logged into one or more Microsoft 365 accounts.

Step 1: Sign out of your Microsoft 365 app (refer to Microsoft OS-specific instructions here).

Step 2: Close your application.

Step 3: Re-open your application and sign back in.

Reload CloudExtend in the Home Tab

Step 1: In Outlook or Excel, go to the Home tab and click the Add-Ins icon.

Step 2: Click More Add-Ins and check on My Add-ins or Admin Managed Tab then click on Add.

Data tab ran out of room, if you have multiple Add-Ins

If you're still not seeing it some action taken on the Excel side may have removed it (or your data tab ran out of room).

Step 1: Click File > Options > Customize Ribbon

Step 2: Look for CloudExtend in the left-most column and add it to the Data tab in the right column.

If all the steps have been taken, reinstall the app

Follow the steps in this article to reinstall CloudExtend.

Still having trouble?

πŸ”΅ We have an in-app messaging feature for any user to reach out to get Support. Try chatting with us (bottom right of our support site)!

πŸ”΅ Send an email to

Please provide as much detail as possible. Screenshots are welcome!

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