End-Users: Install CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce

XLSF | Install instructions for CloudExtend Excel Data Management for Salesforce

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Prerequisites to using CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce

  • Excel 2016 or higher (preferably a Microsoft 365 subscription) or Office.com

💡 If you don't have permission to install Add-Ins from the Microsoft Office store share this article with your Office 365 Administrator.


Watch this video or follow the steps below

Step 1:  Open Excel on your Mac/PC or Excel online at Office.com.

Step 2: Press Insert (1) and then click on Get Add-Ins and then search the AppSource for CloudExtend.

Step 3: Select the Add-in then type in CloudExtend on the search box.

Step 4: Go to CloudExtend for Salesforce Data Management and click Add.

Step 3: Go to Data Tab and click Manage Salesforce Data to launch the application and log in using Salesforce credentials.

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