Manage Data: Deleting Salesforce records from Excel

XLSF | How to delete Salesforce records in Excel with CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce

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Deleting Salesforce records

1. CloudExtend obeys all permissions set in Salesforce. If your role does not allow you to delete in Salesforce you won’t be able to delete with CloudExtend.
2. Best practice is to save a workbook after you delete records. This will ensure you can recover them if necessary.

Step 1: Click on Delete then select only the rows you want to delete or All Rows and then DELETE.

Step 2: The 9 selected Opportunities are now deleted in Salesforce (evidenced by the Operation Success for 9 records message in the Add-in as well as the color gray in the Reserved and Record ID columns.

Accidentally deleted the data? No worries, in most cases removing the values from the Record ID’s and clicking on Update will create new Opportunity Records with identical values.

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