Manage Data: Creating new Salesforce records from Excel

XLSF | How to create new Salesforce records in Excel with CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce

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Creating new Salesforce records

CloudExtend tables already interact with Salesforce. When your table loads CloudExtend begins to cache possible values for drop-down fields in the Picklist at the top right of the Add-In. You can simply start entering values in Columns to begin. A more common use case, however, is for end-users to use Excel formulas (or even copy/paste) to populate the table.

The video above shows a quick overview of creating multiple new records in CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce.

Here are the steps involved in creating new records in Salesforce using CloudExtend Excel for Salesforce

Step 1: Load your template in the Excel sheet and enter the information. In the example below I want to add a new lead.

Step 2:  Click on Update and then INSERT/UPDATE as shown below.

Step 3: The lead is now created in Salesforce (evidenced by the Operation Successful for 2 records message in the Add-in as well as the color green in the Id column.

Step 4: See the new lead below in Salesforce by copying the lead ID and pasting it into the URL.

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