If your organization has subscribed to all the feature sets of CloudExtend then congrats!

You've got access to

  • all the Data Management features (ie creating and editing NetSuite records directly in Excel)

  • all the Analytics features including running your NetSuite saved searches directly from Excel on-demand or on a schedule

Each feature set is available in a Microsoft task pane and requires a separate installation process. See the short video below or follow the instructions here to install.


Open Excel and make sure you are logged into your Microsoft 365 account. You should see your name at the top right of Excel. Then:

Step 1: Click Insert.

Step 2: Click Get Add-ins.

Step 3: Search for CloudExtend and install the Data Management App.

Step 4: Repeat the above and install the Analytics App.

Once the add-ins are installed it's time to login. Most users can login with no issues. If you're having trouble it's usually because your NetSuite role is missing a permission or two. Share this article with your NetSuite admin and you should be up and running in no time.

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