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Optimize Search for Records
Optimize Search for Records

General | Here are tips to filter your NetSuite global search results search to specific record types

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In this article, we will explore some tips to improve the search speed in NetSuite and CloudExtend apps by limiting the results returned to specific record types.

Use Prefixes

NetSuite offers prefixes for most of its record types. Using prefixes in your search query can help the system identify the type of record you are searching for and return only relevant results. For example, if you are searching for a customer, use the prefix “cu:” before the name. This will ensure that NetSuite only returns customers and not any other type of record.

💡 Note:

Examples of Global Prefixes:

  • opp - Opportunity

  • par - Partner

  • ph - Phone Call

  • sales - Sales Order

  • cam - Campaign

  • cash - Cash Sale

  • con - Contact

  • cust - Customer

  • emp - Employee

  • est - Estimate

  • ev - Event

  • exp - Expense Report

  • invo - Invoice

  • iss - Issue

  • it - Item

Use More Characters

It’s essential to provide as many characters as possible in your search query to help NetSuite identify the relevant records. For example, if the customer’s name is “John Wick” instead of searching just “John” or “Cu: Jo,” type “Cu: John Wick” in the search bar. This will ensure that NetSuite only returns results that match the entire name, making the search faster

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