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How Last Sales Activity works
How Last Sales Activity works

General | Learn how LSA is updated in NetSuite when using CloudExtend Gmail and Outlook apps

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Last Sales Activity in NetSuite helps track the last sales activities your company has defined in NetSuite for contacts, customers, prospects, and leads.

πŸ“– Learn more about LSA here.

When you save emails and events using CloudExtend, the last sale activity is updated by NetSuite (not CloudExtend). NetSuite will update the Last Sales Activity field only when the sender of the email's employee record has the "Sales Rep" box checked off and the other preferences defined in NetSuite (below) are met.

Setting Preferences in NetSuite

Custom Preferences Configuration

Step 1: In NetSuite, Go to Setup > Company > General Preferences, and click the Custom Preferences subtab.

Step 2: In the Last Sales Activity group, check the boxes next to the sales activities that you want the Last Sales Activity SuiteApp to track.

πŸ’‘ Note

  • Set Activity Duration Filter to see activities proceed within the filtered days. By default, this field is set to 7 which will show activities within the week.

  • Check the Update LSA Manual Update to display the Update LSA button on record pages. This will enable the user manually update the Last Sales Activity on the record.

Step 3: Click Save.

Adding Sales Rep Role to Employee

Step 1: Open the Employee record in NetSuite then go to Human Resources tab.

Step 2: Enable the Sales Rep role and Save.

Add Sales Rep to a record

πŸ’‘ Note

  • The Last Sales Activity field is displayed on lead, prospect, customer, contact, and opportunity records.

  • Update LSA (2), click this button to manually refresh the Last Sales Activity.

  • Last Sales Activity (3) field, will show the date of the last sales activity.

Step 1: To assign, hit Edit and enter the Sales Rep name (1).

Step 2: Click Save.

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