OneDrive and SharePoint Sync: Getting Started with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint

OLNS | Learn how to use NetSuite OneDrive for Business and SharePoint integration

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  • CloudExtend for NetSuite bundle installed

  • An Enterprise subscription to CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite

The CloudExtend Files Tab is where you can see the files and folders associated with NetSuite records. Initially, it is deployed on Customer and Contact records but can be deployed to virtually all NetSuite records by following the instructions here.

Who can use it?

  • Only licensed Enterprise users can access the files and folders on the CloudExtend Files tab (assuming they have the proper permissions from OneDrive for Business to view them).

  • Only licensed Enterprise users can add new files to the tab

  • At present ALL CloudExtend customers with the CloudExtend bundle installed, regardless of licensing, will see the CloudExtend Files tab on Customer and Contact records.

Connecting your NetSuite account to OneDrive for Business and SharePoint

First-time users will see the Get Started button (below). Clicking on it will prompt the user to enter their Microsoft 365 credentials and review and accept the necessary permissions. After granting permission the window will close automatically.

Working with the application

You are now ready to upload files directly to OneDrive from your desktop or pick files already available in Drive and relate them to NetSuite records.

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