There are several ways to add files to OneDrive for Business and associate them with NetSuite records.

👉 Know the prerequisites and who can use the OneDrive and Sharepoint sync here.

Get started by opening the CloudExtend files tab from any NetSuite record it's deployed on and click Get Started to log into your Microsoft 365 account. Share this article with your NetSuite Admin if you don't see the CloudExtend files tab on your record.

Attach files from your local computer to OneDrive or SharePoint (and see them in NetSuite)

Select upload to OneDrive and attach. From here you can choose to browse your local computer for the files to attach or you can just drag your files onto the target. After you've added your files the Microsoft file picker will open asking where on OneDrive or SharePoint you wish to store the files.

Associate existing OneDrive or SharePoint files/folders with NetSuite

If you have files or folders that already exist in OneDrive you can associate them with NetSuite records by clicking on Attach from OneDrive which will invoke the OneDrive for Business window. Select the desired file(s) or folder(s) and click open and the files/folders will now appear on your NetSuite record.

Use the Search Bar

Type in the document name or keyword of the file you want to attach from your OneDrive or SharePoint.

Save file attachments from Outlook directly to OneDrive or SharePoint and see them in NetSuite

See this in action at the 0:30 mark of the video at the top of this article.
If you have previously associated a OneDrive or SharePoint file or folder with a NetSuite record simply save the attachment(s) from Outlook to the folder and it will appear in NetSuite automatically since the folder is associated with NetSuite. If you have enabled desktop sync it's even easier, save the attachment to your synced OneDrive or SharePoint folder on your desktop. 

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