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How to obtain Web Service Logs and Global Search Logs
How to obtain Web Service Logs and Global Search Logs

Learn how to retrieve log files and send them to support

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In order to troubleshoot any issues related to our CloudExtend application, our support team may ask for the web services logs from your NetSuite Account. They may also ask for the Global Search logs.

Your NetSuite admin typically has the permission required to obtain these. Please follow the steps below to provide our team with the appropriate web services logs.

Obtaining Web Services Logs

Watch the video or read below.

You'll want to make sure you are retrieving the most recent events. In order to do this, we recommend that you first reproduce your issue as it will be near the top of the web services log files. If this is not possible then you can still filter by the user or the date and time it last occurred.

Step 1: Navigate to Setup > Integration > Web Services Usage Log.
Step 2: Sort the Date field in descending order with the most recent date.

Step 3: To find the issue, the status field should normally be Failed.

Step 4: Look to the far right and you will see Request and Response.

Step 5: Click on View for both Request and Response for the failed line item to download the XML web service Log to your computer.

Step 6: Add these to your current support conversation by dropping them into chat or email (

Obtaining Global Search Logs

Applies to CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite users

When a user clicks on Suggest Related Records in CloudExtend it invokes a script called Celigo Global Search that is deployed to your NetSuite account as part of our bundle. Watch the video or read below to learn how to send the global search logs to support.

Step 1: Navigate to Customization > Scripting > Scripts.

Step 2: Filter scripts to those installed by bundle 244864 and click View to the left of the Celigo Global Search script.

Step 3: Open the script deployments tab and open the deployment.

Step 4: Click on execution logs.

Step 5: The execution logs are not exportable so you will need to create a custom view and export them.

Step 6: Click Customize View and add the script = "Celigo Global Search" to the criteria.

Step 7: Click Preview and download the results and send the CSV file to CloudExtend support (no need to save the view).

Alternative - Set Global Search Logging to 'Debug"

If you're not seeing any data in the log files or the support team has asked you to enable Debug then do the following.

  • Edit the deployment record.

  • Set Log Level to Debug and save.

  • Ask your user to invoke their search from the App again.

  • Check the log files for data.


    When complete, edit the deployment record and set the log level back to Error to avoid accumulating too much data in your log files.

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