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CloudExtend Files Tab Associations Saved Search

OLNS | Learn how to create a saved search to show all records with linked documents through the CloudExtend Files tab.

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Create a saved search to track records in NetSuite with folders or files associations from OneDrive and SharePoint using CloudExtend files tab.

  • The CloudExtend Files Tab is where you can see the files and folders associated with NetSuite records

  • Only licensed Enterprise users can access the files and folders on the CloudExtend Files tab (assuming they have the proper permissions from OneDrive for Business to view them). Learn more about this feature here.

Creating the Saved Search

Step 1: In NetSuite, go to Reports> Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New

Step 2: Select Celigo CloudExtend File System Record

Step 3: Under the Results tab, add the following fields to Columns section.

  • Associated Record Id

  • Associated Record Type

  • Is Folder

  • File Name

  • Formula (HTML) - copy and paste the formula below.

    '<a href = ' || {custrecord_celigo_ce_fs_file_url} || ' target=_blank>Link</a>'

  • Associated User Display Name

See Sample Output below:

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