The CloudExtend Files tab is deployed to Customer and Contact records by default. Most users will want to deploy the tab to other NetSuite records as well. In addition, the CloudExtend Files tab can be removed from any or all records entirely. 

Your NetSuite Admin typically would be the one to perform these actions.

Adding and Removing the CloudExtend Files tab to/from NetSuite records

Step 1: Navigate to Customization >Scripting > Scripts.

Step 2: Look for Script celigo-ce-fs-tab-entrypoint and from Bundle 244864. Click on Edit and navigate to Deployments tab

Step 3: Add/Remove all the record types on the Applies To tab one at a time.

Set the following:

  • Deployed = Yes

  • Status = Released

Save the changes.

The CloudExtend Files Tab will appear on the record types that are seen in the deployment tab.

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