Our CloudExtend applications are plug and play. Setup and install usually takes less than 20 minutes and getting end users up, running and trained is also very quick. Almost all NetSuite users can benefit from using 1 or more of our CloudExtend applications. Our CloudExtend Partner Training Program is a great way to ensure our Partners are educated on the CloudExtend applications so you can feel comfortable referring your Clients to our products.

🎓 What are the applications I will be trained on?

Our CloudExtend applications consist of 2 email integrations and 2 Excel integrations:

  • CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite - Save important emails and events to NetSuite records, create NetSuite records from Outlook and save OneDrive or SharePoint files and folders to NetSuite records.

  • CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite - Save important emails to NetSuite, sync your NetSuite and Google Calendars and attach Google Drive files and folders to NetSuite records.

  • CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite - Create, edit and refresh your NetSuite data directly in Excel.

  • CloudExtend Analytics for NetSuite (**NEW**) - Pull your NetSuite saved searches into Excel either on demand or on a schedule and report off of that data in Excel

🔖 How does the program work and what does it entail?

  • Welcome video: Discusses the program details.

  • App overview call: (1 hour): Cover all 4 applications with you and discuss who the ideal candidates are for each application.

  • Setup/Install call: (30 mins - 1 hour depending on which applications) Set you up with Partner Plans for relevant applications and our Solution Consultant will walk you through the installation processes.

  • Training calls per application: (45 minutes each) Live training will be provided to ensure everyone knows how to use the applications and all questions are answered.

  • CloudExtend University Course Completions: This will be the last step to becoming CloudExtend “Certified”.

Interested? Contact justine.burdo@celigo.com

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