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Track Opportunities without Sales Activity
Track Opportunities without Sales Activity

General | Learn how to create a saved search to track Opportunities without Sales Activity

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Create a saved search to track opportunities without Sales Activity. This will also show you how to send an automatically scheduled email to keep you updated!

Create the Saved Search

Step 1: Go to Reports> Saved Searches > All Saved Searches > New in NetSuite.

Step 2: Click for Opportunity.

Step 3: Under the Criteria tab, set the following filter:

Step 4: Under the Results tab, add the following fields to Columns section.

Step 5: Go to the Available Filters tab, Filter to: Date Created, Days Open, and Date Last Modified then Save.

Add Saved Search to NetSuite Dashboard

Step 1: Go to your Home screen and click Personalize.

Step 2: Add Custom Search and drag and drop to add to Dashboard.

Step 3: Hover on the Custom Search and three dots will appear in the upper right corner of the box.

Step 4: Select Setup. Search for the name of the Saved Search to add and Save.

Once added you will see the Saved Search loaded, like the example below:

Add Automatic Scheduled Emails

Step 1: Go to Email tab and set Automatic Scheduled Emails.

  • Check off Send Emails According to Schedule

  • Check off Summarize Scheduled Emails

  • Add Specific Recipients

Step 2: On the Customize Message tab, add a custom message and a From email, subject, and message.

Step 3: On the Schedule tab, select the frequency to instruct the system when to deliver the email.

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