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Retrieve Data: How to Retrieve Existing Records from NetSuite using Saved Search
Retrieve Data: How to Retrieve Existing Records from NetSuite using Saved Search

XLNS | Learn how to pull records using Saved search

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There are multiple ways to pull data from NetSuite using CloudExtend from the Welcome screen. Using the a saved search is one way to pull set of records from NetSuite.

No existing Templates yet...

If you are new to CloudExtend and want to pull a subset of data from NetSuite, you can use the Search and Download and start creating a template then pull records from NetSuite to Excel.

Step 1: Click the Search and Download button.

Step 2: Type or scroll to select the NetSuite Record or Transaction the template will be associated with. CloudExtend Excel even supports Custom Records. In the example below a template will be created for Vendor Bill.

Step 3: Select the fields you want to add to the Template. You can type in any part of the field name or scroll to locate it. Tick the box beside the name and hit Add fields to add them to the template,

To add more, click the + button on the panel.

Step 4: Using the template created, click Continue then Select Yes, note that loading the template will clear out any data that you have on your current worksheet. Turn on the Apply Filters button and select Using Saved Search.

Step 5: Choose the Saved Search you want to use and select the Filter you want to load. Click Download Data to stream down data from Saved Search to your template.

πŸ’‘ Tip: You can create multiple filters and choose between the filter you want to use.

Toggle the Save As Template button, to save the template, and click the Save and Download button to load the template to your worksheet.

How to download data using Existing Templates

If you already have an existing template and want to download data from NetSuite to your CloudExtend template, do the following.

Step 1: Start with a Template button should be ON, then click the Search and Download with Template button.

Step 2: Select the template you want to use on the template selection screen and click the Play button.

Step 3: Turn on the apply filters. You can reuse saved searches previously created or click the + sign to add a new saved search criteria to the list.

Step 4: Click Save and Download to stream data from NetSuite to your template using filters.

πŸ’‘ Tip

  • You can create multiple filters and choose between the filters you want to use.

  • Filters are global and they can be accessed at any location be it online or desktop on a new machine or on a new workbook as long as you are connected to the same NetSuite account. Learn more about it here.

Need Help?

If you are looking to pull your NetSuite saved searches on-demand or on a schedule to use for reporting, please contact to discuss our CloudExtend Analytics for NetSuite application.

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