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Troubleshooting: Can’t see the Get Add-Ins Icon
Troubleshooting: Can’t see the Get Add-Ins Icon

General | This provide instructions on how to enable Get Add-Ins in Microsoft Office

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Get Add-Ins allows you to install the CloudExtend application or any apps from the Office store (AppSource). If you can’t see the Get Add-Ins Icon on the ribbon, these are different scenarios on why it’s not available for you:

Check the items below on how to enable the Get Add-Ins feature in Microsoft Office:

1. User Restricted or Office Add-ins not Deployed to User

Reach out to your Microsoft 365 Admin to verify the following:

  • If Add-Ins are restricted on your user profile. If yes, restrictions must be removed. If not, move to item #2.

  • If admin deployed Office add-ins to the user. If not, check out this article on How Admin can install CloudExtend apps for multiple users at once.

2. Microsoft Connected Experiences Turned Off

If you have access to Add-Ins but it’s not showing, the Connected Experiences Office is turned off.

💡 To learn more about Connected Experiences, visit this Microsoft article.

For Windows

  • Go to File> Office Account> Manage Settings.

  • Check Turn on optional connected experiences and click OK.

  • Restart Outlook and click Get Add-Ins.

For Mac

  • Go to Outlook> Preferences> Privacy.

  • Check Enable optional connected experiences and Close.

  • Restart Outlook and click Get Add-Ins.

If you have previously installed Add-Ins, this will also show on your ribbon once the Connected Experiences are enabled.

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