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Invalid Login Attempt CloudExtend Single Sign On
Invalid Login Attempt CloudExtend Single Sign On

Learn about the error message related to SAML Single Sign On and invalid login attempt

Updated over a week ago

If your organization has not provisioned any roles with SAML Single Sign On but has enabled it in your account users will not be able to log in and will receive an error message similar to the one below.

My Organization Does Not Use SAML Single Sign On

Check with your NetSuite Admin and ask if they have enabled the SAML Single Sign-On (Setup > Company> Enable Features> SuiteCloud).

As long as no one is using SAML Single Sign-On they should:

  • Uncheck this box (screenshot below)

  • Go to Setup > Integration > SAML Single Sign-on and click on Actions > Delete IDP Configuration

It may take a few hours for this change to propagate and after that period of time, you should be able to log in without any issues.

My Organization Uses SAML Single Sign On

If your organization is using Single Sign On then ask your Admin to make sure the following 3 permissions are enabled for your role.

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