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Licensing: How to manage CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite Enterprise Licenses And Administer Users
Licensing: How to manage CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite Enterprise Licenses And Administer Users

XLNS | Logging in and managing CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite Enterprise Users

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View this video tutorial on managing licenses or follow the steps below.

To begin managing your CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite licenses please follow the steps below:


Step 1:  Visit and log in to the Admin Portal with your Microsoft ID (this was previously provided to your Customer Success Manager and is typically your Microsoft 365 email address). 

Adding Accounts

Step 1:  Click on Accounts.  This is where you can add your Production, Sandbox, and Release Preview accounts. 

Step 2:  Enter your Account number (1). Choose from the dropdown (2) if it is a Sandbox or a Production Account and click the + sign (3). Add additional accounts if applicable. For Sandbox, Accounts be sure to use an _ instead of a hyphen and capitalize the SB, ie if your sandbox is 12345-sb1 enter 12345_SB1. For Release Preview Accounts please configure them as sandbox accounts using the "_RP" suffix, ie 12345_RP.

Adding Admin Users

We highly recommend having at least two admins. The primary admin is a super-admin. Only the super-admin can add other admins. All other admins can manage licenses and accounts.

Step 1: You can add additional users who can manage your enterprise licenses by clicking on Admin Users.

Step 2: Enter the email of the user (1) and click Add Admin (2). The user is added to the list. To remove users, press the Delete button (bin icon).

💡 Note: This email Id has to be an Office 365 ID or Microsoft ID

Adding Licenses

Step 1: Click on Manage Licenses. All your subscriptions will be displayed here.

Step 2:   Click on Licenses.  

Step 3:  Your subscription information will be displayed at the top.  Below that you will see licensed users.  To add a new licensed user enter their email address (1) and then click Add User (2).  Add as many users as applicable.

Step 4:  For each user's email you have added, you will need to add the NetSuite connections you want them to connect to.  Click on (view) next to the first user's name.

Step 5: Select the Account that you want the end-user to connect to and click the + sign after you have selected the Account.  Repeat this step for any of your other licensed users.

💡 Note: Each end-user can connect to 1 Production Account and multiple Sandbox Accounts.

Removing Licensed Users

Step 1:  To remove a licensed user go to Manage Licenses.  

Step 2:  Click on the  Trash Bin next to the user you would like to remove/delete.

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