CloudExtend Release Notes

Version 2.4.0.x

What’s Changed?

With this release, the Calendar sync will no longer create contact records for attendees in Google Calendar event, who do not have an entity record existing in NetSuite. Instead, details of attendees are now stored in records of new Custom Record type Celigo Calendar Attendee which are listed under the Subtab  Attendees[Celigo CloudExtend].

What’s New?

Subtab named Attendees[Celigo CloudExtend] is now visible under Calendar Event records in NetSuite to keep track of the attendees synced to/from Google Calendar.

The details related to attendees, listed under the sub tab Attendees[Celigo CloudExtend] are stored in the records of a new Custom Record Type called Celigo Calendar Attendee.

Bug Fixes

Fixes related to assigning access to users under CloudExtend Setup And Gmail mail id mappings using Celigo Employee Gmail records.

Known Issues:

  • When an Attendee responds to an already synced event from NetSuite, The response is not synced to Google Calendar.

  • When an Attendee is added to a single instance of an already synced recurring event in NetSuite, The attendee is added to all the events in the series

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