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📣 Release Notes for CloudExtend Google Workspace v3.X
📣 Release Notes for CloudExtend Google Workspace v3.X

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Version History

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CloudExtend Gmail Extension Release Notes - 8 Aug 2019

Date: Aug 2019


  • Minor bug fixes impacting sender/recipient fetching when the sender/recipient is not a contact.

  • Bug fix where mail id in CC is not properly fetched when the mail originated from Outlook clients.


CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Extension 25 Jun 2019 Release Notes

Date: June 2019


Earlier when logging in for the first time, end users were asked to authorize CloudExtend Extension and provide access to their Gmail account. This authorization step is now moved to Google Workspace admins via the CloudExtend Enterprise Sync G Suite Marketplace app, giving admins more control over the integration.


CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Extension 31 May 2019 Release Notes

Date: May 2019


  • Added support for Purchase Requisition record type.


CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Release Notes 17 Apr 2019

Date: Apr 2019


  • Added ability to explicitly select/unselect which file attachments to sync while attaching a Gmail message to NetSuite record(s). Learn more here.

  • Improved ordering of sender/contextual/search results on the Home tab. Learn more here.

  • Added ability to turn off extension for an (easily configurable) list of Gmail accounts. This can be done by clicking on CloudExtend Icon that resides in your browser URL bar (not the same icon used to invoke the App). Next, click on Options and then enter a list of Gmail accounts where you want to hide the CloudExtend app.

  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

If you are running into any issues post-update or need support, use the chat icon at the bottom of the page to talk to our support team or send us an email to


CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Release Notes 25 Feb 2019

Date: Feb 2019


  • Minor fix to handle issues with file attachment uploads

  • Update to handle upcoming account-specific domains in NetSuite release 2019.1


CloudExtend Google Workspace Release Notes - 2 Nov 2018

Date: Nov 2018


  • Added support for Token Based Authentication

  • Added support for SAML Single Sign-on with Google as IDP provider (more providers coming soon)

CloudExtend Google Workspace Release Notes - Oct 10 2018

Date: Oct 2018


  • Fixed an issue where the Gmail extension fails to attach emails when sender/recipient names have non-English characters. Note: This fixes requires the latest Celigo CloudExtend for Google Apps (Id: 20497 ) update.


  • Added ability to skip login and continue to use Gmail Extension with limited functionality. Learn More.

CloudExtend Google Workspace Release Notes - August 30, 2018

Date: Aug 2018

Our Release Notes email incorrectly stated that the default behavior of handling creating contacts when the sender/recipient was missing would change. Please note this is not the case and is corrected here. The default behavior will only change for new customers added after September 7th, 2018.

The August release consists of changes to the CloudExtend for Gmail extension (what you use in your Chrome browser) as well as an update to the NetSuite bundle. We'll cover both below.

It's important to note that it may take until September 7th for Google and NetSuite to push these releases to you and that one may occur before the other. In order to take advantage of all the enhancements both updates are required to have been completed (don't worry if one updates before the other, everything will still work).

  • To verify if your extension is updated enter chrome://extensions in your Chrome browser and locate the CloudExtend extension. The version number should be or higher.

  • To verify if your bundle has been updated your NetSuite Admin can check for bundle version or higher.

Important New Option For Handling Missing Sender/Recipient

One of the biggest concerns reported by customers has been that CloudExtend would create contacts in NetSuite whenever an email was attached. We implemented a partial solution for this earlier in 2018 and have taken it to another level with this new release.

  1. Prior to this release, depending on the user level setting in Chrome Extension, the app would have either auto-created the missing entities or prompted the user to select an existing entity.

  2. With this new release we added a new bundle level setting, which once enabled, no longer requires that you create Contacts manually (or have the App auto-create them). The individual emails will still appear on the Communication tab in NetSuite (and on the message itself). The contact associated with the email, however, will not be created. Users that prefer the old method can still keep it if desired. If your organization tracks Last Sales Activity (LSA) this approach may not work for you. Learn more here.

  3. The Auto-create missing Sender/Recipient user level setting is removed from the Extension and is added to the bundle as an Organization level setting giving better control to NetSuite Admins along with new options at the bundle level. Learn how this bundle setting works here.
    Note - until the bundle is updated to the latest version v2.6.0.x, the user’s prior setting will be considered while attaching the emails to NetSuite.

Other Notable Changes and Enhancements


The following two settings are removed from the user-level preferences and moved to Account Level settings. Admins can change them for their org in NetSuite via Setup > Company > General Preferences > Custom Preferences.

  • The Attach to Contact Company setting (allowed for emails attached to a contact to automatically roll up to the parent company).

  • Include Inline Images setting.


CloudExtend Extension now shows more record details in the search results view making it easier for you to determine if you are attaching to the appropriate record.


  • Fixed an issue in the bundle where G Drive files with special characters in filenames failed to attach to NetSuite records.

  • Fixed an issue in the bundle where the default new calendar event access level is overwritten to the public. This is available as an org setting in the bundle at Setup>Company>General Preferences>Custom Preferences

  • Fixed an issue in the extension where 4 Celigo sends buttons are seen when “Send & Archive” button is enabled.

  • Fixed an issue in extension with new record creation when Sender/Recipient emails contain accented characters.

CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite : Chrome Extension Release v3.6.0.0

Date: Jul 2018


  • Complete support for new Gmail UI.

  • Added support for Inbox by Google .

  • CloudExtend Extension now plays nicely with the right sidebar in the new Gmail UI.

  • Gmail Add-on lite which works on browsers and Android Mobiles is now publicly available for all customers. Learn more here.

  • Added the ability to hide and unhide the new Gmail Add-on in the browser if both Chrome Extension and the new Add-on are installed. Most users will want to keep the Add-on hidden in browser sessions since the Chrome extension is more robust. If desired, the Add-on can be unhidden from Chrome Extension options as shown below.


  • CloudExtend Icon is now placed in the sidebar as seen below.


  • Fixed issue with Compose from NetSuite in the new Gmail UI.

Know Issues:

  • An intermittent "Failed to fetch message details from Gmail API" appears when sending mails using Celigo Send button. Learn more.

Version 3.5.1

CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite Release Notes

Date: April 2018

CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite consists of two components, the Chrome Extension and the NetSuite bundle.

The chrome extension should be updated automatically on April 3rd. The NetSuite bundle is being pushed on April 3rd but could take a few days to propagate to all of the accounts.

Gmail Extension v3.5.1.0


  • Fixed issue with logging in to Sandbox accounts

  • Other minor bugs and performance enhancements.


  • Based on the user’s Auto create contact setting, while auto-creating contacts, CloudExtend now uses First Name & Last Name if available in the email to create a NetSuite contact. Earlier we were splitting Email as First Name & Last Name to create a contact.

  • Added support for new record types: Non-Inventory Items, Service Items, and Other Items

NetSuite Bundle v2.5.5.x


  • CloudExtend Google Workspace now supports multiple Google Workspace domains. If your organization uses multiple domains as aliases in your Google Workspace account, reach out to us to enable a license for your other alias domains for free.

  • Added support for Japanese & Spanish languages for Calendar sync (this is an experimental feature. Customers are advised to try this in their Sandbox accounts first and reach out to Celigo for any support)

Note about bundle versions

The CloudExtend bundle is a managed bundle and is released in batches. NetSuite automatically adds the batch number as the last digit of the version number, ie in this release, depending on the batch customers will get a bundle version of v2.5.5.1 or v2.5.5.2, etc. You'll know the update has hit your account once the version shows as 2.5.5.x (where x is the batch number).

Version 3.5.0

CloudExtend Gmail For NetSuite V3.5.0.0 Release Notes

Date: Feb 2018


  • Added a setting where users can prevent CloudExtend from creating contacts when sender/recipient entities are not available in NetSuite. Learn more about the setting here.

  • Enable end users to manually select the sender/recipient entities while attaching an email to NetSuite records. Learn more here.


CloudExtend Gmail For NetSuite V3.4.2.1 Release Notes

Date: Jan 2018


  • The Gmail extension keeps ignoring the NetSuite session when there is a case mismatch between NetSuite connected email and the browser session email.


  • Celigo-Send buttons are now available when the Gmail user language is other than English. Support was added for Japanese, Finnish, Swedish, French, and Spanish

  • Users can now navigate to the NetSuite record directly from the Sender/Contextual and search results screen


CloudExtend Gmail For NetSuite Chrome Extension V3.4.0.3 Release Notes

Date: Nov 2017

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where a few file attachments fail to attach to NetSuite when an email is attached to a NetSuite Record.

  • Fixed the issue behind the ambiguous notification "Cannot read property recordid of undefined", App will display the proper reason for the failure.

  • The fixed issue behind ambiguous “[Object Object]”, App will display the proper reason for the failure.

  • Fixed the issue where App shows conflicting Success/ Failure notifications.

  • Fixed an issue where a license expiry notification with negative hours is displayed.


  • Added support to attach Adobe Illustrator files to NetSuite records.

  • Added support to attach Emails to Project Task records.

  • The edit record screen now shows only filtered fields by default, users can see all the fields by clicking on "View all editable fields".

Version 3.3.0

CloudExtend Gmail For NetSuite Chrome Extension Version 3.3.0 Release Notes Date: May 2017

NetSuite Login Enhancements:

  • To accommodate upcoming NetSuite login changes, this version brings significant changes to the way users log in to NetSuite from the Celigo Gmail Extension. Every effort has been made to minimize the impact to end users. End users will be required to follow the steps below only once after updating to the new version to re-establish their secure connection to NetSuite. On updating to the new version, users will be required to re-login with their Google and NetSuite accounts. After signing in users will be asked to choose the role with which they want to connect to NetSuite from the Gmail Extension. Typically users will select their normal day-to-day role here. This role can be changed at any time from the Settings page. Upon selecting the role, the App will check for the availability of a NetSuite session with the same role, if there is no such session, the user will be asked to login into NetSuite with the same role that was selected in the App, from a different tab in the same window. Once the session is available, the App will continue with the rest of the update process and the user will be logged into the App. After this update, as long as there is a NetSuite session available in a different tab, end users will not be asked to log in to NetSuite from the Gmail Extension (unless their credentials have changed). If end users log in to NetSuite with a different role, the App will log out as there is no matching session for the connected role. To reconnect, either change the role in the App Settings to match the currently logged-in role or switch back to the previous role in NetSuite.If users change their NetSuite password, they will be required to update the connection from the App Settings page.

  • Performance improvements to fix the attachment history size issue for heavy users.

  • Ability to move and resize the record creation screen in Gmail Extension.

  • More informative loading screen while attaching emails.

  • Ability to search record types, while setting a filter to limit record types appearing in global search results.

  • A new Troubleshooting section with the ability to download execution logs was added to settings tab. In case of any error or a functionality issue, users can download these logs and attach them to the support ticket. These logs help support engineers understand the context of the error and will help in faster resolution of the issues.

  • Additional bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 3.1.7

CloudExtend Gmail For NetSuite Chrome Extension Version 3.1.7 Release Notes

Date: Nov 2016


  • Added support for new record types for attaching an email from CloudExtend Gmail:

    • Item Record Type

    • Assembly Item

    • Inventory Item

    • Kit Item

    • Lot Numbered Assembly Item

    • Lot Numbered Inventory Item

    • Serialized Assembly Item

    • Serialized Inventory Item

    • Other Name Record Type

  • Follow this support guide to deploy the Gmail Subtab for the newly added record types.

Version 3.1.6

CloudExtend Gmail For NetSuite Chrome Extension Version 3.1.6 Release Notes

Date: Sep 2016


  • Added support for Sandbox accounts.

  • An app setting is added to disable auto fetching of records when an email is opened:

    • When this setting is enabled and whenever an email is opened, the CloudExtend app automatically searches for the sender, recipient, CC emails, and any number greater than 4 digits (using NetSuite Global search to populate the relevant records).

    • When this setting is disabled, the user needs to click on the Celigo “O” button to fetch the related records.

Version to 3.1.5

CloudExtend Gmail For NetSuite Chrome Extension Version To 3.1.5

Date: Aug 2016

Enhancements done:

  • Handled two-factor authentication-related requirements while logging into NetSuite from Gmail Extension.

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to login into the app in incognito mode.

  • Handled Additional authentication-related requirements while logging into NetSuite from Extension.

  • Fixed issue where compose and Celigo Send misplaced Celigo logo when the app is in minimized state and the user is not logged into App.

  • Improved user license validation and session management.

  • Fixed issue where "," (comma between the name and email id) is replaced with OR in a search query for contextual search.

  • Handled issue where the app doesn't go to the home state by itself when refreshed from a Gmail opened-mail page.

  • Improved User experience during login post-NetSuite password expiry and When permissions for Web Services are not valid.

  • Improved error messaging, when the user is not able to edit a record if logged in with a role that is two-factor enabled.

Version 3.1.2

CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite Chrome Extension- Jun 2016

Date: June 2016

What's New?

Bug fixes

  1. The Celigo icon is missing for some replied emails.

  2. The history page is not refreshing immediately after the mail attachment.

  3. The Celigo icon is missing in threaded emails after five conversations.

  4. The Celigo icon is missing for 1st threaded mail when user refreshes Gmail window with the mail opened.

  5. Attachment opening issue.

  6. An issue where, the PDF attachment under the Communication > Files tab in NetSuite, doesn't immediately load the PDF on opening. The user needs to refresh the page to see the PDF.

New Feature

Load Gmail extension in minimized state.

A new setting, Autoload enable /disable is now available in App settings, with auto-load enabled by default.

  • When Enabled - The App will load automatically when the Gmail page is refreshed.

  • When Disabled - The App will load in minimized state and will open only when the user presses the Celigo logo button in the mail.

Version 3.1.0

CloudExtend Gmail For NetSuite Chrome Extension Version 3.1.0

Date: May 2016


  1. Fixed interface issue where right side chat window is not displayed properly in Gmail when CloudExtend Gmail Extension is installed.

  2. Fixed issues related to attaching emails from threaded conversations.

  3. Added Inventory Items in the list of supported record types to which mails can be attached to.

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