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ExtendSync for Google NetSuite Edition
ExtendSync for Google NetSuite Edition

ExtendSync for Google integrates Gmail, Google Drive, and Calendar with NetSuite. This section contains articles relevant to all applications, covering setup, installation, and more.

103 articles

Frequently asked questions for Cloudextnd Gmail for NetSuite

FAQ: Learn about email rollup so you can see all email activity at the parent levelGmail | Learn which child records will automatically roll up emails to parent records
FAQ: Gmail Subtab (Deprecated)Gmail | Understand why the Gmail subtab is being deprecated
FAQ: Determine the NetSuite connection you have for CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuiteGmail | Know when you are connected to NetSuite Production or Test drive
FAQ: Change the theme of CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuiteGmail | Look at the theme options you have when you are using CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite
FAQ: Record types supported by CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuiteGmail | See list of record types supported by CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite
FAQ: Understand CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite SettingsGmail | The settings section enables you to customize the CloudExtend settings
FAQ: How do I grant the ability to manage Celigo CloudExtend Licenses to a different role for Gmail?Gmail | Learn how to give access to Celigo License Manager to other roles
FAQ: Include Dependent Record Feature for CloudExtend GmailGmail | Limit the number of dependent records pulled by CloudExtend
FAQ: How are labels generated when you save an email with Autopilot using GmailGmail | Learn how labels are generated when emails are saved using Autopilot
FAQ: Include names in suggestions for CloudExtend GmailGmail | Learn how include names in suggestion feature work
FAQ: How to Filter Email View in NetSuite for GmailGmail | Customize view in NetSuite to filter synced emails
FAQ: How do I exclude inactive NetSuite records when searching for records to attach my email to via CloudExtend Gmail?Gmail | Excluding inactive NetSuite contacts from search
FAQ: Why Are Duplicates Created When An Email Is Attached To Records In NetSuite Using CloudExtend Gmail?Gmail | Learn why NetSuite may create a copy of your email on parent records
FAQ: Is the availability (available or busy) field synced between events?Gmail | The availability field is not synced
FAQ: Are meeting and event reminders managed between NetSuite and my Google Calendar?Gmail | Event reminders are not synced
FAQ: Event recurrence and exceptions in CloudExtend Google CalendarGmail | CloudExtend syncs exception based changes to Calendar events
FAQ: Which records do events get created in Google Calendar when synced to NetSuite?Gmail | This will give you the list of records that can be accommodated by Google Calendar sync
FAQ: Force update Gmail Chrome extensionGmail | Learn how to force an update to the CloudExtend Gmail Chrome extension
FAQ: What file types are supported for attachment sync by CloudExtend Gmail?Gmail | Supported file types by Gmail extension for attachment sync
FAQ: Steps to take if you change your Google Apps domainGmail | Learn how to keep using CloudExtend when your Google Workspace domain changes
FAQ: Enable rich text editing to ensure emails are formatted properly in NetSuiteGmail | Set rich text editing as default
FAQ: How Can I Tell Which Bundle Version Of CloudExtend Is Installed In NetSuite?Gmail | How to tell which Bundle version of CloudExtend is installed
FAQ: Should I Uninstall the CloudExtend Google Apps Bundle?Gmail | If you no longer subscribe to CloudExtend learn about the ramifications of removing the bundle
FAQ: How to assign Web Services permission to a role?Gmail | SOAP Web Services must be enabled for CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite to function properly
FAQ: Which Editions of Google Workspace Do I Need To Use CloudExtend?Gmail | Editions of Google Workspace supported by CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite
FAQ: View Logs related to your One Time and Autopilot AssociationsGmail | Check the logs for successful and failed associations using CloudExtend

When using the app, you might encounter errors. We've provided articles to help you resolve them

Error: We are unable to detect CloudExtend SuiteApp on your accountGmail | Know what to do when you encounter the unable to detect CloudExtend SuiteApp error
Error: You are not authorized to perform thisGmail | Learn how to troubleshoot when prompted "You are not authorized to perform this" error message upon login
Error: Why am I receiving CEHE-00043 CustomerAccess DisabledError : Customer access is disabled. Contact your Admin to get your feature enabled, when trying to save an email to NetSuite?Gmail | Error CEHE-00043 in CloudExtend Gmail
Error: Attachment of Email(....) to record failed due to authorization token has expired. Please contact your Administrator To regrant the accessGmail | Attachment of Email(....) to record failed due to Authorization token has expired
Troubleshooting: Calendar sync not workingGmail | Trying to use calendar feature but its not working? See troubleshooting steps
Troubleshooting: Gmail application not loadingGmail | Steps to resolve when you can only see the CloudExtend logo app is not loading when clicking on an email
Troubleshooting: Session time-out issue when trying to create a NetSuite ConnectionGmail | Learn how to troubleshoot session time-outs
Troubleshooting: CloudExtend Gmail Settings Getting Cleared Upon ExitGmail | How to avoid Chrome from clearing your app preferences in CloudExtend Gmail upon close
Troubleshooting: Google Drive stuck on loading folder structureGmail | Learn to troubleshoot if you see a persistent 'Loading file structure' when clicking attach from CloudExtend's Drive folder
Troubleshooting: How to check Google Calendar execution logsGmail | Learn how to view the execution logs and check for errors
Troubleshooting: Calendar Not Syncing Between Google & NetSuiteGmail | Learn how to reauthorize Google Calendar
Troubleshooting: Events continue to be synced with the previous time zone after changing NetSuite's time zone under preferencesGmail | Learn how to ensure your time zone settings are changed properly
Troubleshooting: Gmail appears in NetSuite as HTMLGmail | Learn how to resolve issue where email appears in NetSuite in full HTML
Troubleshooting: CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite is disabledGmail | Learn how to re-enable your CloudExtend Gmail extension when permissions are changed
Troubleshooting: Why do my users with Custom Roles run into Custom Record related permission errors when working with CloudExtend Components?Gmail | This article will explain why users with custom roles run into errors when working with CloudExtend components
Troubleshooting: Learn how to upload Google Gmail console logsGmail | Learn how to obtain and send your console logs
Troubleshooting: Open with CloudExtend Icon in Gmail missingGmail | See guide on how to display Open with CloudExtend icon in Gmail
Troubleshooting: The "Attach file(s) folder(s)" button is not displaying on the Google Drive tab on any records in NetSuiteGmail NextGen | Learn about the permissions your Admin needs to enable for full CloudExtend Drive functionality