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FAQ: Gmail Subtab (Deprecated)
FAQ: Gmail Subtab (Deprecated)

Gmail NextGen | Understand why the Gmail subtab is being deprecated

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โš ๏ธ This feature is deprecated and is no longer available for CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite NextGen.

Prior to the release of the NextGen CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite messages were attached to two places, the native NetSuite messages tab in a custom record that was stored under the CloudExtend Gmail subtab. The primary benefit of using the Gmail subtab was to aid users in determining the origin of any file attachments since they did not appear on the native NetSuite messages tab.

With the launch of the NextGen extension, all file attachments will also appear on the native NetSuite messages tab giving the user the visibility they lacked before and therefore making the Gmail sub-tab redundant therefore the NextGen extension will not duplicate emails to the Gmail subtab.

Also, the NextGen extension won't allow you to compose a Gmail message directly from NetSuite even though the Compose button remains present (unless you also have the legacy CloudExtend extension installed). The CloudExtend team is currently evaluating other options to bring this functionality back.

What will happen to the files on my Gmail sub-tab?

Don't worry about your old emails and file attachments that are on the Gmail sub-tab. First, they're not going anywhere unless your admin uninstalls CloudExtend globally. The messages will also continue to persist on the native messages/communication tab of the record.

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