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Email Sync: Shared or Group Gmail Mailbox Configuration

Gmail | This article will show how to configure CloudExtend app for Shared or Group Gmail Mailbox users

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CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite support shared mailbox. Team members can manage their emails inside their email accounts.

Log in using Shared Mailbox credentials

Step 1: The group Gmail account needs to exist in NetSuite first as an employee with login access.

Next, scroll down to Roles and assign a Role.

Step 2: The NetSuite admin assigns a CEGA license to the Group Gmail employee record.

NetSuite Path: Setup>Custom> Celigo CloudExtend Setup

Step 3: The NetSuite admin removed the login access for the employee record. This is to avoid adding employee access license count.

Step 4: In Chrome, create a new Chrome profile using your Gmail Group account credentials. Sign in using the group account in Gmail.

Step 5: Run the Gmail application then log in using the Group Gmail account once prompted.

Step 6: Enter the NS Account ID, and allow the role to inherit the permission from NetSuite. You are now good to sync to NetSuite using a Group Gmail account.

Log in using the same Gmail Account associated with CloudExtend


  • Google Super Admin permission

  • Licensed user is logged into the same Gmail account associated with their CloudExtend user license

Group and Account Setup

The organization's admin and the user should perform the following steps in order to manage the emails in the shared mailbox.

Step 1: Google Admin sets up the shared group mailbox.

πŸ’‘ Tip

Under Group Settings> General, enable Collaborative Inbox and Enable shared labels for this group feature.

Then scroll down to Email options > Subject Prefix for emails to automatically add a text at the beginning of the email subject.

Step 2: End-user configures their primary Gmail to be able to send emails from the shared email address.

Step 3: When replying to emails sent to the group email the sender will be set as the group (ie by default. This is generally desired, however, if you need to send as yourself simply change the sender in the From of your Gmail compose window.

πŸ’‘ Tip:

Consider adding your group in the cc (or bcc) when you reply to ensure that other group members are aware of the reply (this also inserts the reply in the thread inside the Group Shared Mailbox as well).

How to Add Labels and Filters

When emails come in the label will be added to and also reflect on the labels section depending on your filter setup. This will help you identify if the emails are from a shared mailbox and will easy for the team to communicate and sync emails using CloudExtend.

Step 1: To Add Labels, click the + sign and enter a label name.

Step 2: Add filters to move all emails with the prefix to the label created. Click on an email, then click the three dots ... Next, enter the subject prefix and then select Create a filter.

Step 3: Go to Apply the Label to then assign the label where you want the email to show, then hit Create Filter.


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