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Frequently asked questions for Cloudextnd Gmail for NetSuite

26 articles
FAQ: Learn about email rollup so you can see all email activity at the parent levelGmail | Learn which child records will automatically roll up emails to parent records
FAQ: Gmail Subtab (Deprecated)Gmail | Understand why the Gmail subtab is being deprecated
FAQ: Determine the NetSuite connection you have for CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuiteGmail | Know when you are connected to NetSuite Production or Test drive
FAQ: Change the theme of CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuiteGmail | Look at the theme options you have when you are using CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite
FAQ: Record types supported by CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuiteGmail | See list of record types supported by CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite
FAQ: Understand CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite SettingsGmail | The settings section enables you to customize the CloudExtend settings
FAQ: How do I grant the ability to manage Celigo CloudExtend Licenses to a different role for Gmail?Gmail | Learn how to give access to Celigo License Manager to other roles
FAQ: Include Dependent Record Feature for CloudExtend GmailGmail | Limit the number of dependent records pulled by CloudExtend
FAQ: How are labels generated when you save an email with Autopilot using GmailGmail | Learn how labels are generated when emails are saved using Autopilot
FAQ: Include names in suggestions for CloudExtend GmailGmail | Learn how include names in suggestion feature work
FAQ: How to Filter Email View in NetSuite for GmailGmail | Customize view in NetSuite to filter synced emails
FAQ: How do I exclude inactive NetSuite records when searching for records to attach my email to via CloudExtend Gmail?Gmail | Excluding inactive NetSuite contacts from search
FAQ: Why Are Duplicates Created When An Email Is Attached To Records In NetSuite Using CloudExtend Gmail?Gmail | Learn why NetSuite may create a copy of your email on parent records
FAQ: Is the availability (available or busy) field synced between events?Gmail | The availability field is not synced
FAQ: Are meeting and event reminders managed between NetSuite and my Google Calendar?Gmail | Event reminders are not synced
FAQ: Event recurrence and exceptions in CloudExtend Google CalendarGmail | CloudExtend syncs exception based changes to Calendar events
FAQ: Which records do events get created in Google Calendar when synced to NetSuite?Gmail | This will give you the list of records that can be accommodated by Google Calendar sync
FAQ: Force update Gmail Chrome extensionGmail | Learn how to force an update to the CloudExtend Gmail Chrome extension
FAQ: What file types are supported for attachment sync by CloudExtend Gmail?Gmail | Supported file types by Gmail extension for attachment sync
FAQ: Steps to take if you change your Google Apps domainGmail | Learn how to keep using CloudExtend when your Google Workspace domain changes
FAQ: Enable rich text editing to ensure emails are formatted properly in NetSuiteGmail | Set rich text editing as default
FAQ: How Can I Tell Which Bundle Version Of CloudExtend Is Installed In NetSuite?Gmail | How to tell which Bundle version of CloudExtend is installed
FAQ: Should I Uninstall the CloudExtend Google Apps Bundle?Gmail | If you no longer subscribe to CloudExtend learn about the ramifications of removing the bundle
FAQ: How to assign Web Services permission to a role?Gmail | SOAP Web Services must be enabled for CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite to function properly
FAQ: Which Editions of Google Workspace Do I Need To Use CloudExtend?Gmail | Editions of Google Workspace supported by CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite
FAQ: View Logs related to your One Time and Autopilot AssociationsGmail | Check the logs for successful and failed associations using CloudExtend