Meeting reminder fields are not available for synchronization. Therefore no reminders will be synced on either end.

It should also be noted that default event reminders in both Google and NetSuite are set via preferences and subsequently ONLY through the native interface when a meeting event is created.

This means that if your default meeting reminder preference for Google is set to an email ten minutes before an event for every meeting created when a NetSuite meeting is added to Google the reminder cannot be set based on your default preferences (again, because it’s managed through the user interface). Reminders will need to be manually set once a meeting has been synchronized on either system.

Example #1

I’ve created a meeting event directly in the Google Calendar. The default reminder in Google is an email ten minutes before the event, and a screen pop-up ten minutes before the event. When the meeting appears in the NetSuite Activities list for your account, the reminder will be set to None.

Example #2

My NetSuite Default Reminder Type is set to Email in my Activities Preferences, and the reminder time is set to 15 minutes. When the meeting appears in the Google Calendar after a sync completes, the default reminder will be empty.

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