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CloudExtend Google Workspace for NetSuite
Error: We are unable to detect CloudExtend SuiteApp on your account
Error: We are unable to detect CloudExtend SuiteApp on your account

Gmail | Know what to do when you encounter the unable to detect CloudExtend SuiteApp error

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Getting the error message "We are unable to detect CloudExtend SuiteApp on your account"? Learn why you see this error and how this can be resolved.


We are unable to detect the CloudExtend SuiteApp on your account.
Please contact the NetSuite Administrator

Reason for Error

The most common reason this occurs is because a user has installed the CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite NextGen App but the company NetSuite Admin has not installed the relevant SuiteApp that adds support for the NextGen App.

In some other cases users would just need to update their connection.


If your Admin has not yet installed the SuiteApp

We recommend that our customers use the NextGen version of the app. This requires the installation of a NetSuite SuiteApp to function properly. Ask your NetSuite Admin to install the SuiteApp. Once this is done, reload Gmail and you should be good to go.

Note, some customers may have elected to not upgrade to the NextGen version yet. If your company has not yet upgraded, you may install the legacy end-user application here and continue to use it until it is deprecated (the timing of deprecation has not yet been announced).

Installing the SuiteApp (for NetSuite Admins)

  1. Hover to SuiteApps and right-click to open a new tab.

  2. On the search box, enter β€œCeligo CloudExtend Google Workspace” then press the application and click on Install.

If the SuiteApp is installed but you still receive the error

If the SuiteApp is installed and you continue to receive the error, you may need to update your NetSuite connection. Open the menu icon and click "Connections". If you show more than one connection, then set the desired connection as active.

πŸ‘‰ For full installation instructions, go to this article.

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