When using the app, you might encounter errors. We've provided articles to help you resolve them

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Error: We are unable to detect CloudExtend SuiteApp on your accountGmail | Know what to do when you encounter the unable to detect CloudExtend SuiteApp error
Error: You are not authorized to perform thisGmail | Learn how to troubleshoot when prompted "You are not authorized to perform this" error message upon login
Error: Why am I receiving CEHE-00043 CustomerAccess DisabledError : Customer access is disabled. Contact your Admin to get your feature enabled, when trying to save an email to NetSuite?Gmail | Error CEHE-00043 in CloudExtend Gmail
Error: Attachment of Email(....) to record failed due to authorization token has expired. Please contact your Administrator To regrant the accessGmail | Attachment of Email(....) to record failed due to Authorization token has expired
Troubleshooting: Calendar sync not workingGmail | Trying to use calendar feature but its not working? See troubleshooting steps
Troubleshooting: Gmail application not loadingGmail | Steps to resolve when you can only see the CloudExtend logo app is not loading when clicking on an email
Troubleshooting: Session time-out issue when trying to create a NetSuite ConnectionGmail | Learn how to troubleshoot session time-outs
Troubleshooting: CloudExtend Gmail Settings Getting Cleared Upon ExitGmail | How to avoid Chrome from clearing your app preferences in CloudExtend Gmail upon close
Troubleshooting: Google Drive stuck on loading folder structureGmail | Learn to troubleshoot if you see a persistent 'Loading file structure' when clicking attach from CloudExtend's Drive folder
Troubleshooting: How to check Google Calendar execution logsGmail | Learn how to view the execution logs and check for errors
Troubleshooting: Calendar Not Syncing Between Google & NetSuiteGmail | Learn how to reauthorize Google Calendar
Troubleshooting: Events continue to be synced with the previous time zone after changing NetSuite's time zone under preferencesGmail | Learn how to ensure your time zone settings are changed properly
Troubleshooting: Gmail appears in NetSuite as HTMLGmail | Learn how to resolve issue where email appears in NetSuite in full HTML
Troubleshooting: CloudExtend Gmail for NetSuite is disabledGmail | Learn how to re-enable your CloudExtend Gmail extension when permissions are changed
Troubleshooting: Why do my users with Custom Roles run into Custom Record related permission errors when working with CloudExtend Components?Gmail | This article will explain why users with custom roles run into errors when working with CloudExtend components
Troubleshooting: Learn how to upload Google Gmail console logsGmail | Learn how to obtain and send your console logs
Troubleshooting: Open with CloudExtend Icon in Gmail missingGmail | See guide on how to display Open with CloudExtend icon in Gmail
Troubleshooting: The "Attach file(s) folder(s)" button is not displaying on the Google Drive tab on any records in NetSuiteGmail NextGen | Learn about the permissions your Admin needs to enable for full CloudExtend Drive functionality