Troubleshooting: Calendar sync not working

Gmail | Trying to use calendar feature but its not working? See troubleshooting steps

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Here are some checkpoints to resolve the issue with the Calendar sync.

End User Troubleshooting

For initial troubleshooting, check your Google Calendar and PC Time zone setup.

Step 1: Go to your Google Calendar and go to the My Calendar Section.

Step 2: Click the three dots beside the calendar and select the Setting and Sharing option.

Step 3: Go to Share with specific people or groups then add the email of the person who provided the Oauth in NetSuite. Permission should be to Make changes to events.

Step 4: Check if the timezone in PC and NetSuite are the same. In NetSuite, hover over to Home> Set Preferences > Time Zone.

Step 5: Make sure your account profile sync is on.

Step 6: Test out the calendar if already working!

If it did not work you may ask your NetSuite Admin to check your permissions.

NetSuite Admin and Google Workspace Admin Check

Is calendar sync not working for one or more users but works for others? Check the permissions in NetSuite.


  • NetSuite Admin

  • Google Workspace Admin

Step 1: Check if Google Oauth Token is granted for Calendar

  • In NetSuite, in the search box type in "Celigo Google OAuth Token". If not found or the tokens are expired, proceed to the next step.

    • Go to Setup> Custom > Celigo CloudExtend Setup> Access to Google Data tab

    • Click on the here link and hit Allow to grant access and go to Next tab.

Step 2: Check if the User License is activated in the configuration wizard

  • After the calendar settings, check if the licenses allocated include the calendar feature. Deselect then Select then hit Next to reset.

Step 3: Ask the user to test out the calendar if already working!

Still not working?

If the additional troubleshooting steps did not work, check Google Calendar execution logs then reach out to our support:

πŸ”΅ Try chatting with us (bottom right of our support site)!

πŸ”΅ Send an email to

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