Here are some checkpoints to resolve the issue with the Calendar sync.


  • NetSuite Admin

  • Google Workspace Admin

Step 1: Check if Google Oauth Token is granted for Calendar

  • In NetSuite, in the search box type in "Celigo Google OAuth Token". If not found or the tokens are expired, proceed to the next step.

    • Go to Setup> Custom > Celigo CloudExtend Setup> Access to Google Data tab

    • Click on the here link and hit Allow to grant access and go to Next tab.

Step 2: Check if the User License is activated in the configuration wizard

  • After the calendar settings, check if the licenses allocated include the calendar feature. Deselect then Select then hit Next to reset.

Step 3: Test out the calendar if already working!

Still not working?

Step 1: In the search box type in "Celigo Google OAuth Token" and validate the details if correct it must have tokens, and permissions to the calendar and should not be expired.

Step 2: Check if the timezone in PC and NetSuite are the same. In NetSuite, hover to Home> Set Preferences > Time Zone.

Step 3: Make sure your account profile sync is on.

Step 4: Test out the calendar if already working!

If the additional troubleshooting steps did not work, check Google Calendar execution logs then reach out to our support:

🔵 Try chatting with us (bottom right of our support site)!

🔵 Send an email to

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