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Version History

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CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite: Release Notes 12 Dec 2018

Date: Dec 2018


Token Based Authentication (TBA) support

Users with an Enterprise Edition license can now sign in with Token-Based Authentication (TBA).

  • Tokens never expire therefore managing password is a non-issue.

  • Tokens can still be used for roles that require two-factor authentication (2FA)

Single Sign On (SSO) support

CloudExtend now offers support for SSO with the following IDP's

  • OKTA

  • OneLogIn

  • Microsoft Azure AD

  • Google

  • Any other IDP that supports SAML 2.0

  • To get started with SSO please file a support ticket here, reach out to us with the chat icon at the bottom right, or contact your CloudExtend Account Manager

Improvements to end-user login experience

After a user enters their email address CloudExtend will look up the login methods their Admin has made available to them (such as TBA) and present them on the next screen. Users with TBA will be able to use a PIN to unlock their tokens and sign in.

Subscription Portal

NetSuite Administrators can set their desired authentication methods at subscriptions.cloudextend.io. Options include:

Performance Improvements

We have optimized some Web Services calls to improve response time between Excel and NetSuite.

CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite: Release Notes 8 Nov 2018

Date: Nov 2018


  • Fixed an issue where certain users are redirected to the login page when trying to download Saved Searches as Raw Data.


  • Enterprise users with the bundle will see the related record names instead of InternalID in results while downloading Saved Searches as Raw Data.

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition: 10 Sep 2018 Release Notes

Date: Sept 2018


  • Fixed an issue where CloudExtend fails to load templates and throws an error on certain MSI versions of Excel 2016.

  • Fixed an issue with treatWarningsAsErrors flag not being recognized by the app.

  • Some minor UI fixes.

Celigo Excel SmartClient for NetSuite Classic Edition: Release Notes v2.4.6.4 Aug 22, 2018

Date: Aug 2018

Applies To:

Users of Celigo's Excel SmartClient Classic Edition (click here if you're not sure which version you are using).


  • Fixed frequent license corruption issues


Starting with the 2018.2 release, NetSuite will require that users signing in with an Administrator or Full Access role require two-factor authentication (2FA). Per NetSuite, this requirement cannot be changed. Other highly privileged permissions may also mandate that a role be 2FA by default.

If you have any users accessing the SmartClient app with Admin/High privilege roles with 2FA enabled the solution is fairly simple. They will need to create and/or use another NetSuite role with the desired permissions for use with the SmartClient as the login method does not support 2FA.

How to Update:

SmartClient users should be able to update to new version by clicking on "Check for Updates" in the Celigo SmartClient ribbon bar menu.

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition - 7 Aug 2018 Release Notes

Date: Aug 2018


  • Further enhanced new reporting functionality with the addition of support for Summary Saved Searches as well as searches with calculated columns. Learn more about downloading NetSuite saved searches here. This new feature requires an Enterprise subscription and installation of the bundle (below). Personal Edition subscribers can still stream standard NetSuite saved searches directly into Excel.

  • Added support for new record type: Statistical Journal Entry.


  • Fixed an issue with retrieving the picklist value for the Ship Address List in the Item Fulfillment template.


CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Bundle

  • Enterprise customers now can take advantage of CloudExtend bundle (NetSuite Admins can click here for the install link). The bundle allows an Admin to modify default batch size settings for all users and also includes enhancements that allow Enterprise users to download summary saved searches and searches with calculated columns directly into Excel.

  • New bundle also packages custom fields definitions that lets admins customize CloudExtend Excel by modifying the default settings.

  • Learn more about CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite Suite Bundle here.

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition: 12 Jun 2018 Release Notes

Date: June 2018


  • Fixed an issue with JE while selecting a line-level department.

  • Fixed an issue with department/location selection while importing a Check


  • Minor performance enhancements with dependent pick lists.

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition: 6 Jun 2018 Release Notes

Date: June 2018


  • Added ability to switch between Sandbox & Production accounts during the trial period.

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition: 9 May 2018 Release Notes

Date: May 2018


  1. Fixed an issue where the raw data download option is not available when app fails to fetch a list of saved searches and asks the user to enter the saved search Internal Id.

  2. Fixed an issue where the app errors out when downloading saved searches with certain special characters in the data.

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition: 17 Apr 2018 Release Notes

Date: Apr 2018


  • We've launched a second way to download data from NetSuite. Previously users could download data from a saved NetSuite search and the results had to land in a template designed so that data could be changed and pushed back to NetSuite. The speed of the download is affected by this process and all the columns of your saved search (especially fields from joined records) were not visible in Excel

    Starting today, users can choose from two options when retrieving saved searches, raw data (fastest, supports all columns and joined records) or template. When choosing template your data will be retrieved slower but data can be pushed back to NetSuite. The raw data method is perfect if your needs are related to reporting only.

    Learn more here and see the video below.

  • Added support for Deposit Application Record type
    (customer needed a way to bulk update the dates deposits were applied to invoices to be the same date as the invoice, thus savings hours of manual labor monthly)

  • Added ability to contact sales and support via in-app chat


  • Release preview roles are hidden during role selection eliminating confusion between RP and production accounts.

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition: 16th Jan 2018 Release Notes

Date: Jan 2018
Picklist Enhancements:

  • CloudExtend Excel can now dynamically identify picklist values while you type data into the sheet.

  • Example: If you have an account number “44551 Salaries”, with this new enhancement, you can just enter “44551” in Excel cell while entering your data, and CloudExtend will fetch the complete picklist value from NetSuite and update the cell dynamically. If it finds multiple matches for entered value, the user will be alerted to pick the correct value by clicking on the view picklist values in the task pane.

  • Users will see the following visual cues to know if a picklist value is automatically identified or not. Excel cell turns grey when CloudExtend is identifying the value of picklistTurns normal once the lookup is done and successful. Turns yellow if there is no match or there are multiple matches (i.e. when manual intervention is required).

Other Enhancements:

  • Support for Inventory number record.

  • Ability to manually enter an internal Id when CloudExtend is not able to fetch Saved Searches.


  • Fixed an issue where CloudExtend is not able to fetch picklist values for fields dependent on multiple fields.

Note to Existing Users:

Existing users will be required to reload their templates into the sheet once for CloudExtend to identify the table and offer data operations options.

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