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CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition: 13 Dec 2017 Release Notes

Date: Dec 2017


  • Custom Segments- Added support for dependent custom segments.

  • Added support for new record type: Deposit Record.

  • Performance enhancements while writing data to Excel sheet.

  • Performance improvements while caching metadata for first-time users


  • Fixed an issue where custom fields were not shown in Time Bill record.

  • Fixed an issue with Custom Record where all fields were treated as a read-only field if a custom form was enabled for that custom record.

  • Fixed an issue where the app becomes nonresponsive if users try to get a picklist value for any field after entering a custom form value manually.

New Brand:

We are also announcing our new brand name today and Excel SmartClient is being renamed to CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite.

This name change will better align it with a new Celigo brand dedicated to Productivity Applications called โ€˜CloudExtendโ€™. We thank you for your continued support.

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition: 27 Sep 2017 Release Notes

Date: Sept 2017

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Date fields when updated from CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite are off by one day in NetSuite.

  • Fixed an issue where CloudExtend goes into loading loop when the users does not have access to previously selected role, in NetSuite.

  • Handled a scenario where CloudExtend falls back to the in-memory cache when the access to browser storage is disabled.

  • Fixed minor metadata mapping issue for Opportunity.itemList.item.price.


  • Added support for record type: Intercompany Journal Entry.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Internal Ids populated in table via a formula were not recognized.

  • Made changes to show a notification if CloudExtend's task pane UI fails to load due to Internet Explorer DOM storage issue.

  • Fixed an issue where Custom Segments applied to Budget record were not getting recognized by SmartClient.

  • Added a workaround to display all manufacturing routing values in Work Order. Earlier these were not shown in CloudExtend's pick lists due to a bug in NetSuite Web Services.

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition: 24/Aug/17 Release Notes

Date: Aug 2017


  • Added support for Custom Segments. Users can now update/download Custom Segment field values using CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite. Click here for details.

  • Known Issues: CloudExtend does not yet support dependencies in picklist value filtering and multi-select picklists for the custom segment.

  • Support for new record typeVendor Payment.

  • Support for data operations (Upload/Download/Refresh/Delete) batch size customization at NetSuite account level. Click here for details.

  • Added ability to customize CloudExtend to treat warnings as errors. Click here for details.

  • CloudExtend now supports Creation/Updating of records using External Id. In a template when both Internal Id and External Id are present, InternalId always gets the preference. Following is the Update/Insert behavior based on the availability of Internal Id/External Id in the template.

  • Picklist caching enhancements for better performance.

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition: 31/Jul/17 Release Notes

Date: July 2017


  • Added support for new record type Vendor Credit.

  • Account settings page now shows the connected NetSuite account type (OneWorld /Non-OneWorld) selected during the login/role change process.

  • Support to filter records by fields with no value. This can be done by entering [[@NONE@]] in the value field when creating a filter. Ex: To get a list of transactions where the Location is null/empty, create a filter with the location field and enter value as [[@NONE@]] instead of choosing a value from the drop-down.


  • Fixed the issue where partial picklist values with Numbers entered in Excel cell are not recognized by CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite during upserts and app goes into loading mode.

  • Fixed Unexpected error which is shown when the excel cell is in edit mode and a user tries to perform an operation with the CloudExtend. The App now prompts the user to move another cell to exit the cell edit mode.

  • CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite now supports the selection of โ€œCustom Formsโ€. Earlier the app was throwing an error while selecting the picklist for fields that are not available in the Default Form. This can now be resolved by adding form name field to the template and while Upserting the record, user can select the Custom Form name from the picklist.

  • Signup flow performance enhancements to fix the issue where certain first-time users were not able to load the app properly.

  • Caching and performance improvements while selecting the pick list values.

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition: Jul '17 Release Notes

Date: Jul 2017


  • Added support for Custom Transactions.

  • Performance improvements while uploading records containing fields with Picklist values.


  • Fixed license validation-related issues with mixed case Email addresses.

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition: May'17 Release Notes

Date: May 2017


  • CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite users no longer requires a Microsoft Id to log in to the app. Users can now log in directly with their NetSuite login credentials to access CloudExtend. After the upgrade, on the first login existing users would be required to choose Login with NetSuite to continue using CloudExtend.

  • New look for enterprise license management portal. Also going further Enterprise admins can manage their license at subscriptions.cloudextend.io.

  • Support for new record types Vendor Return Authorization, Resource Allocation, and Customer Refund.

  • Stability and performance improvements.

CloudExtend Excel For NetSuite Personal/Enterprise Edition: Apr'17 Release Notes

Date: Apr 2017

Video Overview of the Release

  • This release makes CloudExtend templates (Tables) on excel sheet more flexible

  • End users can now do more with CloudExtend tables.

  • Columns on a CloudExtend table can be re-arranged without editing the template in Task Pane.

  • Columns on a CloudExtend table can be deleted without having to change the template and reload the table again.

  • An unbounded column,i.e, column which is not linked to a NetSuite field can be added to the table , Ex: A column with a formula/calculation on one of the NetSuite fields /any other cell in excel workbook.

  • A bounded column,column which is linked to a NetSuite field, can be added to the table at any place

  • Users can share the excel workbook with CloudExtend table with other app users

  • This update also brings some restrictions on the SmartClient tables. Only one CloudExtend table can be added to a worksheet

  • Row 1 of worksheet contains references to NetSuite fields and should not be edited by users

  • CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite now supports NetSuite WSDL 2016.2

  • Users can now refresh unlimited number of records without facing timeout issues, earlier this was limited to 1000 records

  • Users can now refresh selected records, earlier only refresh all records was supported

  • After a successful upsert activity the internal ids of the record in Column 2 change to Green Color text indicating that the upsert activity is successful for that given record.

  • NetSuite related warnings are now shown in yellow color in "Reserved (First)" Column

  • Search Joins: CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite now supports search joins, which means, users should be able to filter records by applying criteria on related records, currently the filter criteria can be applied only on the selected record type

  • More contextual status updates shown during data operations activities against current static notification

  • Support for additional record type: Resource allocation

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