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Version 7.1.8

Date: Nov 2020

About this Release

The CloudExtend Excel for NetSuite v7.1.8 (CENS v7.1.8) is the latest version of CENS and is the successor to its v7.1.7 version.

This release comes with three bug fixes that will take away certain issues that the CENS users had to experience.

What’s New in this Release

No new features in this release.

What Has Changed in this Release

No feature enhancements, deprecations, or removals in this release.

Fixed Issues

  • Resolving date format inconsistencies: This release has a fix that makes sure that CENS will take care of your date format inconsistencies existing in your Excel app and NetSuite. This enables CENS users to use the same date format that is in their NetSuite database without a hassle.

  • Improved vendor bill class parameter: This release resolves any issues that prevented CENS users from selecting Vendor bill class parameter values correctly.

  • UI improvements in Microsoft Office Excel online version: A minor tweak was introduced to the CENS to resolve the visibility issues that were existing in data operation action buttons in the Microsoft Office Excel online version.

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