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πŸ“£ Release Notes for CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v1.X
πŸ“£ Release Notes for CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v1.X

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Version 1.28.5

Date: Apr 2019

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Release Notes 16 Apr 2019


  • Fixed an issue where the record type configuration screen doesn't load for certain users.

  • Fixed an issue when a mail is attached to an Opportunity Record related to a customer type of "individual" where both Author and Primary Recipient are shown as the same.

  • Fixed an issue where the roles drop-down defaults to blank when the connected account is changed.

  • Fixed an issue with partial title search on Opportunity and Estimate records.


  • Minor UI enhancements to Contextual screen in mail and calendar mode. We will also be rolling out a few more UI changes over the next few weeks.

Date: Mar 2019

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Release Notes 8 Mar 2019


  • Bundle update v1.2.2 with minor bug fixes.

  • Fixed πŸ‘ an issue with attaching emails containing emojis.

  • Fixed an issue where record type icon is missing for a few transaction record types.

Date: Feb 2019

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Release Notes 20 Feb 2019

This release is comprised of minor fixes and performance improvements. No new features have been added but as always, stay tuned. We're drinking lots of coffee and burning the midnight oil to keep them coming.


  • Fixes to the last update with support for auto searching matching records with 5 (and now >5) numbers.

  • Improved handling of special characters in auto-seached transaction ID's (such as Opp-12345).

  • Added support for auto fetching based on Transaction ID while composing an email.

  • Fix where non-English characters are truncated in the subject/message body while creating a message in NetSuite.

  • Fix to optimize initial app loading time.

  • Bundle update with a minor fix where the record icons are not shown in the contextual screen.

Date: Feb 2019

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Release Notes 7 Feb 2019

Please note if you are having any trouble updating your App you will typically see 3 scrolling dots. Refer to this article to resolve that issue.


  • Added support for Token Based Authentication (TBA) for Enterprise customers. TBA allows you to sign in securely using roles that would typically require two-factor authentication (2FA).
    - Admins - click here to learn how to set up TBA for your org.
    - End users - click here to learn how to sign in with TBA.

  • Added SSO based login with support for SAML 2.0 based IDPs including Okta, Onelogin, and Azure AD for Enterprise customers*
    - To set up SSO for your org click the chat icon at the bottom right and start a conversation.

  • Added ability to auto search transaction records based on 5 digit numbers in subject

  • Optimized Search.


  • Fixed an issue with Opportunities not getting fetched with partial title search.

  • Fixed caching issue while searching Job records.

  • Other minor fixes.

*SSO login is currently available only on Windows devices

Date: Jan 2019

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Release Notes 14 Jan 2019


  • Bug with event attachment in compose mode where employees with email in mixed cases are being skipped from attendee list.

  • Bug with attaching event to transaction record.

  • Bug where plain text message body is skipped while attaching emails to records.

Date: Dec 2018


  • Added support for the "Support Case" record for the list of records that can be auto-fetched. Learn how to configure auto-fetch support cases.

  • Minor bug fixes with attaching calendar events to NetSuite records.

Version 1.28.2

Date: Dec 2018


  • Added an option to "Show All Records" in the auto-fetch results screen, when the count of transaction records matched automatically, is greater > than 10.

  • CloudExtend will now auto-fetch Jobs if the sender/recipient is a primary contact on a Job record. Earlier this was done only when the sender/recipient matched customer record.

  • Record selection drop-down in search screen now defaults to previously selected record type.

Version 1.18.31

Date: Nov 2018


Auto-fetch Enhancements
When a user clicks 'Attach Email to NetSuite' they now have more control over which records in NetSuite to automatically search for (auto-fetch). Transaction records can now be included in auto-fetch results as well.

  • Users can now configure records that will be auto-fetched by default. A new option to configure records is added in settings.

  • This configure setting allows users to configure the app to auto-fetch both entities and transactions. For example, if you have a contact on an Opportunity (marked as primary contact) the Opportunity will surface with auto fetch. Learn more about how the auto-fetch works here.

  • For performance reasons, non-Enterprise Edition users can select a maximum of 4 record types (with contact selected by default).

  • Enterprise Edition Users with can select all record types as long as the CloudExtend bundle is installed in their account (the bundle improves performance).

Other Enhancements:

  • Added support for Job (Project) record type.

  • Added Lead Source field while creating new Contact record.

Date: Oct 2018


  • Added ability to search for more records from the initial search results page

  • Added "Last Sales Activity" setting to ensure that emails attached will be recognized in Last Sales Activity reports. Learn more here.

  • Enterprise Bundle & Enterprise features are now available to all trial users (contact if you'd like to try Enterprise features for free).


  • Fixed an issue with the customer search when creating a new contact. The previous version only showed Entity ID's. The app now shows Entity ID & Company name making it easier to ensure that you are adding the contact to the correct entity.

  • Minor UI fixes.

Version 1.18.14

Date: Oct 2018


  • Fixed an issue with records getting unchecked when moving across screens while using the app in mail compose mode.

  • Fixed an issue with the file attachment toggle not being persistent across emails.

  • Minor UI fixes and theme changes.

Version 1.17.15

Date: Sep 2018

Our engineers are already busy working on the next release (with support for mobile on Android and Windows). Meanwhile, here's what we just released (and fixed).

What's New In This Release

CloudExtend Extend Outlook for NetSuite Enterprise Edition*

As part of our commitment to Enterprise Edition* customers, we have launched a NetSuite bundle that works hand in hand with the CloudExtend Outlook Add-In. The first two features of the bundle have launched today are outline below. If you're an Enterprise customer ask your NetSuite Admin to install it today.

  • By leveraging search functionality in our bundle users under an Enterprise Edition subscription* will see an immediate 300% plus improvement when searching for NetSuite records to attach to in NetSuite.
    ​Learn more about the Bundle here including installation links.

  • Actionable Messaging that enables supervisors to save valuable time and approve Timesheet and Expense Reports directly from their Outlook inbox.
    ​Learn more here.

See the image below to see how searching for a customer returns results in just a little over 1 second.

Fixes (all editions)

  • Fixed an issue with calendar events not appearing on Organizer's NetSuite calendar.

  • Multiple performance improvements & UI fixes.

Version 1.15.20

Date: Aug 2018


  • Fixed an issue with login while switching between multiple Outlook accounts on the Desktop.


  • App now defaults to a previously selected role in the dropdown while logging in again.

  • App now remembers your previously selected OneWorld setting so that you don't have to remember to check again when switching roles or logging in again.


  • App no longer auto fetches Employee in contextual screen. After this change, auto fetch returns Contacts, Customer & Vendors only.

Version 1.15.19

Date: Jul 2018


  • Added support for Vendor Bills & Employee Record types in Search & Attach for Email messages.

  • Added support for Vendor Bills record type in Search & Attach for Calendar Events.

  • Roles selection now remembers the previously selected role and auto-populates the drop-down for repeat logins across devices.


  • Fixed an issue on Mac, where users on certain versions of Outlook are not able to log in to the app.

Version 1.12.21

Date: June 2018


  • Added the record type name (ie Contact, Customer, Sales Order, etc.) to search results so it's easier to determine which record type you are attaching to.

  • Added support to attach Calendar Events to NetSuite records from your Outlook Calendar. Learn more.

  • Added ability to pick files to be attached to records while attaching them to NetSuite records. Lean more.


  • Fixed scrolling issues across multiple pages.

  • Fixed issue with message formatting while attaching email in Compose mode.

Version 1.9.11

Date: Apr 2018


  • Added support for Partner Record type in Search & Attach.

  • Added an option to skip home and CloudExtend can now be opened directly on contextual search results page.

  • CloudExtend no longer requires that both sender & recipient entities be present in NetSuite to be able to attach an email to NetSuite.


  • Fixed an issue where the search icon in the search bar was not clickable.

Version 1.6.19

Date: Apr 2018

Your App should auto-update to Version 1.6.18. If you have trouble getting the App updated right click within the App and then select Refresh. Alternatively, you can exit and restart Outlook.


  • CloudExtend now works in compose mode allowing you to attach emails replying to an existing conversation or composing a new email.
    ​View this article to learn how to use compose mode.

  • Enhancement to differentiate between Sandbox roles and Production roles. Sandbox roles will now have a suffix "(SB)"


  • Fixed an issue with fetching subsidiaries while selecting roles.

Version 1.6.16

Date: Mar 2018

Fixes in this release:

  1. Fixed an issue where app misbehaves when the NetSuite password is changed.

  2. Fixed an issue where the user role was not getting updated while switching roles in non-OneWorld accounts.

Enhancements in this release:

  1. Added support for searching and attaching to Leads and Prospects.

  2. Added icons to make it easier to differentiate the NetSuite records available to attach to.

Version 1.4.0

Date: Feb 2018


  • Support for associating a task with a company during creation.

  • Assigning tasks to the current user by default.


  • NetSuite records auto-fetched in contextual screen will no longer all be checked by default.


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 1.3.3

Date: Feb 2018


  • Added ability to edit Contact/Customer/Task records.

  • Records can be edited by clicking on the 'Pencil Icon' as shown below:

Version 1.2.36

Date: Jan 2018


  • Auto-suggest Employee, Customer, and Vendor records (previously only auto-suggested Contact records).


  • Fixed a bug where employee & vendor entities are not recognized as entities while attaching an email to NetSuite record.

  • Fixed bug in recognizing NetSuite contacts in mixed cases.

  • Returning users with password changed in NetSuite are redirected to the login screen to update their password.

Version 1.2.29

Date: Jan 2018


  • Added support for record types Vendor & Purchase Order in Search.

  • Added support for attaching records to Vendor & Purchase order.

  • Added ability to create a support ticket directly from CloudExtend Outlook app.


  • Fixed a bug where the time/date stamp on the message imported into NetSuite is not showing the actual time/date a message was received in Outlook.

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