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📣 Release Notes for CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v2.X
📣 Release Notes for CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite v2.X

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Version History

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Version 2.3.5

Date: Oct 2020

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite October 2020 Release

After the August 2020 release we identified some enhancements and bug fixes that were required. Details below.


  • Added a re-sync button in the Status Log view to fetch the latest status of the activity

  • Added an option to retry failed activities

  • Added support to be able to search for records with text containing special characters

  • Added support to look up for multiple sets of 4 or more digits from the subject line and fetch related transactions and activities

  • Enhanced background status checks to execute in bulk to further improve concurrency

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug with Last Sales Activity (LSA) field not getting updated properly

  • Fixed a bug with event creation for polymorphic records (emails containing)

  • Fixed a bug where Enable File Attachments setting was not getting disabled

Date: Aug 2020

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite August 2020 Release

The CloudExtend team has been working around the clock on this release with the primary focus on improving speed and reliability by attaching emails and files in an asynchronous manner. In short, this means more speed and reliability, and support for larger file attachments up to the max allowed by NetSuite.

This update also includes the back end infrastructure updates for Autopilot, the major feature in our upcoming release.

Admin Notes

In order to maximize performance please ensure that your users all have the ‘use access tokens’ feature enabled in their account. Once enabled, users will login one time with a password and then a token / secret will be automatically generated for subsequent logins. Not only is this faster, it is also NetSuite’s recommended approach for being more secure.

Please also ensure that REST calls are enabled on your Exchange server. If REST calls are not enabled CloudExtend will fall back to the current synchronous approach and your users will miss out on improved performance. If `you are running Exchange online this is typically enabled by default.

More Details

Get back to work faster after attaching

Prior to this release users would click 'attach' and then wait for NetSuite to confirm that the message was attached. While this generally took 1-2 seconds it could take longer if your NetSuite account was busy.

With the new release, users can click attach and then move on to other emails without having to wait for a confirmation from NetSuite. After clicking attach, CloudExtend immediately adds the email and files to a processing queue in NetSuite where it ultimately gets attached to the desired NetSuite record. Admins take note - we are leveraging NetSuite's asynchronous process and this will reduce the amount of time requests occupy in your concurrency slots compared to the previous method.

New record types available for attaching to

We’ve added support for attaching to RMA's, Vendor RMA's, Customer Deposits, and Expense Reports. Note, a bundle update is required for this and is expected to be pushed in mid-July, 2020.

Improved reliability for file attachments

We’ve eliminated many of the technical complexities and prerequisites that led to file attachment issues and have leveraged new API’s made available by Microsoft for further improvements. Previously users that moved an email to their inbox from another folder had to wait for their Exchange Server to catch up before attaching their email. Users can now attach emails immediately after moving them.

File attachment locations and file names

Previously file attachments were stored under the CloudExtendFiles folder which, in some cases, caused permission issues. File attachments will now be stored in the default NetSuite folder called ‘Attachments Received’ under the name of the user that attached them. The previous edition also had a restriction on the length of the file name. With this update that restriction has been removed.

Support for more and larger attachments

This new release also includes support for larger file attachments. The previous 4MB limit is now 10 MB, the max allowed by NetSuite. Our Enterprise Edition customers can continue to leverage our OneDrive for Business and SharePoint integration to include file attachments up to 150 MB in size and to associate files up to 100 GB (yes GB) in size with NetSuite records. We've also eliminated the restrictions on the number of attachments.

Introduction of a new UI

We're making a few small changes to the UI in this release. We think you'll like them. This is just the beginning of a larger change that our UX team is working one.

  • Help text has been added to the login flow explaining how to locate your NetSuite account number.

  • The bundle icon (lightning bolt) from the bottom of the welcome page is now moved inside the settings view. We will now show a red exclamation icon on the menu and at the bottom of the settings view only if you are 'not' connected to the bundle.

  • We now show associated records in a separate section at the top in the contextual view. This will help users identify the records that they have already associated with their emails with ease.

  • The support chat button has now been moved to the footer section on the welcome page

  • A change in the UI flow where we now navigate a user to the welcome screen after they have attached records, showing the details of the records that they have attached. We are doing this initially for contextual view of messages and events in read mode.

Usage Reports

With this release, you will be able to get analytics and learn how often the Cloud Extend App is being used and by who. Check out this article to learn how to see your stats.

Better support for shared mailboxes

  • With this update, users can move seamlessly between mailboxes without getting logged out. Learn more about shared mailboxes here.

  • With this update, users can also attach files from shared mailboxes

Better support for Outlook on the web users

Prior to this update Outlook on the web users would often get logged out of the CloudExtend App after periods of inactivity in Outlook. Users now remain logged in even after periods of inactivity.

Status Log

Since you no longer need to wait for confirmation for every email attached we wanted to be able to alert you if any issues occur during background processing. If there is an error you will see a red dot on the status icon. Click on the status icon and you can see the status of your messages over a 14 day period.

We're far from done!

After this release the team will be putting the finishing touches on Autopilot which will automate attaching email threads to NetSuite. We're also working on a surprise new feature!

Changes to categories

We've added two new categories that will be automatically applied to your emails. Learn more about categories here.

  • EXISTING -> 'Attached to NetSuite' indicates that your email has been successfully attached to NetSuite via our previous attach process. As of the August release this is also the default mode if your version of Outlook allows for categories to be created automatically in compose mode.

  • NEW -> 'Synced by CloudExtend' indicates your email was attached using our asynchronous attach process available with our August 30, 2020 release.

  • NEW -> 'Failed to Sync' - this category is applied to an email if NetSuite returns an error message after the asynchronous process is complete. Users may first see the 'Synced by CloudExtend' category. If NetSuite returns an error the status check icon at the top of the CloudExtend add-in will also have a red exclamation mark on it showing each time you open the add-in.

Date: April 2020

CloudExtend OneDrive for NetSuite Release Notes: April 28, 2020

An update to the CloudExtend bundle 288864 (version was pushed to enable additional OneDrive for Business and SharePoint functionality for Enterprise users.

Enterprise users can now attach files and folders to OneDrive and associate them with NetSuite records without occupying NetSuite storage space. By associating a folder even external users with access to the folder can add files and because the folder is associated with a NetSuite record, it will automatically be available in NetSuite.

Learn more

Date: Apr 2020

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Release Notes: April 16, 2020

Version 2.3.5 has been launched to address a memory issue that caused Outlook to stop responding when the CloudExtend App was pinned.

Version 2.2.103

Date: March 2020

CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Release Notes: March 11, 2020

This update contains minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • Fixed an issue where tokens were not getting revoked when the app auto logs off.

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to logout of the sandbox environment

  • The SandBox Banner now clearly shows up on all the pages letting the user know that they are working in a Sandbox environment.

  • Fixed an issue where the tokens were not getting revoked after clearing the app cache.

  • Fixed the connection failed error that prevented the app from loading the TBA Role.

  • Users working in the sandbox environment no longer get errors while attaching and fetching record details.

  • Fixed a few text overlapping issues observed in the app.

Date: Dec 2019

CloudExtend Outlook Release Notes Dec 19 2019

If you have trouble loading your app post-upgrade please view this article.


  • Admins no longer need to enable tokens for users that logged in with token-based authentication (TBA) or Single Sign On

  • Reduced the load size of the App to improve performance

  • Enabled new NetSuite login flow with support for
    - Two-factor authentication
    - Single Sign On
    - Seamless TBA sign-on for users with 'User Access Tokens' permission

  • Learn more about the new login flow and prerequisites here.

Prerequisites (and more on TBA):

One of the best ways to reduce NetSuite concurrency requests is to use Token Based Authentication. Previously users or admins would have to create tokens and secrets and enter them into the CloudExtend App and secure them with a pin. We now leverage NetSuite API to automatically create the token and secret for you.

  • While not required, it's recommended that your Admin enable 'User Access Token' permission for your role. This will seamlessly create a connection using TBA

  • For best performance (and support for tokens) make sure your organization has installed the CloudExtend bundle into your NetSuite instance.

  • All users will need to know your NetSuite account number when you first login

Again, full details on the new login flow and prerequisites can be found here.

Version 2.2.79

Date: Oct 2019

If you have trouble loading your app post upgrade please view this article.


  • Fixed an issue for Windows users that caused login timeouts due to Windows switching their default browser to Edge.

  • Introduced a unique AppID to prep for a new login flow coming later this year.

Version 2.2.75

Date: Sept 2019

If you have trouble loading your app post-upgrade please view this article.


  • Fixed an issue with file attachments when the user changes login method from Basic to TBA. Users should log out of the App one time and then log back in.

  • Fixed an issue with attaching events to Lead/Prospect records

  • Fixed an issue with file attachments when the filename extension has "JPG" in capital letters.

  • Other minor performance related fixes to decrease app load times when opening the app for the first time.

  • Fixed an issue where contact record is added as attendee against the employee record when attaching calendar events to records. This issues occurs only when employee also has contact records.


  • Configure records option is now available in Calendar read/compose mode. Records selected is common across all modes.

  • Company name is made optional when creating customer record for an individual.
    ❗️If this feature is not working for you be sure that you have cleared your cache. To do so click the Menu Icon->Settings->Clear Cache.

  • Changed minimum number of digits in message subject line to auto fetch transactions from 5 to 4.

  • Added support to auto fetch Support Cases based on 4 or more digit numbers in message subject

  • Added an additional step where users need to select the login type while logging in, to address the login loop issues caused due to latest Windows update.

Version 2.2.60

Date: July 2019

The July 10th update consists of some minor performance improvements as well as some long-requested enhancements.

If you have trouble updating your App please refer to this article for help.


  • Previously if your NetSuite account was too busy to process a message, CloudExtend would silently retry in the background which could take some time. This update will help explain any delays by showing the end user a message letting them know that NetSuite is busy while we retry the request. This information may help your NetSuite Admin improve performance.

  • For users with the CloudExtend bundle installed we've fixed an issue with the App not prompting for a password update while fetching records using bundle. This was causing the app to retry multiple times locking the user out of NetSuite.

  • Added a setting to ignore the logged in NetSuite user's email while fetching contextual records. This setting is enabled by default. This has been a popular request and should eliminate the volume of records returned and make those that are returned more relevant.

  • Added a workaround to default from Email to Outlook Email address, when the Outlook fails to return from Email, causing NetSuite message attach to fail.

Version 2.2.44

Date: June 2019


  • CloudExtend app now retries up to 3 times to fetch matching records when we encounter concurrency issues in your NetSuite account. Learn more here

  • Projects(Jobs), Cases are also now sorted by recently created date. Earlier only transactions were sorted.


  • With this release "User Edition" & " Free Edition" customers also have access to bundle based search and can select more than 4 records to auto-fetch. Learn how to install bundle here.

Version 2.2.17+

Date: May 2019

This is a huge update that includes performance improvements for Group Edition customers as well as widely requested enhancements that are available for all users from free to Enterprise.

The enhancements below are slowly being rolled out by Microsoft starting on Monday May 13th and could take a week or more to reach the entire base.
❗️Don't see your update and want it now? - Get the update by uninstalling the add-in and reinstalling it by following the instructions in this article.


If you have trouble loading the App after the update see this article.


Task Pane Pinning

CloudExtend can now be pinned to stay open all the time while navigating across emails. Learn more about pinning here.

  • Pinnable task panes are currently available to Office 365 subscribers on Outlook 2016 or later for Windows (build 7900.xxxx or later), Outlook 2016 or later for Mac (version 16.13.503 or later), and Outlook Online (OWA).

  • Microsoft is slowly rolling out the update to the current install base and you will see an option to install the update when it's available.

    Why wait?
    You can get it now, by uninstalling the app and installing again. [link to overview]

Addition of Outlook Categories to Quickly Identify Emails Attached to NetSuite Record

  • CloudExtend Outlook will automatically add a category to all emails attached to NetSuite. In order to avoid any conflict with existing colors, it is initially set to transparent.

Why wait?
You can get it now, by uninstalling the app and installing again. [link to overview]

Faster (bundle based) search for Group Edition customers

Enterprise Edition customers have long been able to leverage CloudExtend search technology via the CloudExtend Outlook bundle.

  • 🎉With this update, we're extending this functionality to our Group Edition customers also. This increases search performance by 2-3X and also minimizes the number of calls CloudExtend makes to fetch NetSuite records.

  • Group Edition customers will also be able to configure more than 4 record types that are returned via auto search. Learn more here.

How to get it?

The update below must be enabled by your NetSuite Admin. Share this article with them.

  • NetSuite Admins can learn how to install CloudExtend bundle

  • Important, existing users will be required to logout of the app and login again to take advantage of bundle-based search. To logout of the app click the menu icon (3 dots at top right of App) and select logout.

Other Changes

  • Fixed an issue where inactive records are also included in search results

  • Consolidate the "Attach" button placement across pages

  • Fixed bug with "Subject Inspection" where app fetched matching transaction records based on 5 digit numbers in Email subject.

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