This issue may occur when a new version of CloudExtend has been released and is pending an update from your browser. 

Why does this happen and how can I fix it?

Because Microsoft add-ins are developed using HTML and JavaScript, they are designed to work across platforms, but there might be subtle differences in how different browsers render the HTML. Add-ins are often cached for performance reasons. Normally, the cache is cleared by reloading the add-in. If more than one add-in exists in the same document, the process of automatically clearing the cache on reload might not be reliable and this can occur when CloudExtend has pushed an update to the App.

Follow the instructions in this article to completely clear your cache and get a fresh start. If the 1st step does not solve the issue move to the 2nd, etc.

Windows and Mac Users

  1. Reload your App by right clicking with your mouse and selecting 'reload'.

If above did not solve your issue then follow the steps below based on your Operating System.

Microsoft Windows Users

 Clear Cache

  • Follow the instructions in this article to determine the browser used by Microsoft for your add-in and then clear that cache. 
  • Re-open Outlook client and open the App
  • Load CloudExtend. If issue persists then manually clear the Office cache.

Manually Clear the Office Cache

If clearing browser cache did not resolve the issue then delete your Office cache

  • Backup and then delete the contents of the folder below (you can paste the below content directly in File Explorer to go directly there)

Mac OS users

If you're working on a Mac and the first step above did not work then continue with the steps below.

Clear Cache

  • Exit Outlook
  • Identify your default internet browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.) and clear the cache 
  • Open Outlook and load CloudExtend again 

Manually Clear the Office Cache

Exit Outlook.

Manually by deleting the contents of the folder: 


 Note: if that folder doesn't exist, check for the following folders and if found, delete the contents of that folder:

/Library/Containers/{host}/Data/Library/Caches/ where {host} is the Office host (e.g., Excel)

Open Outlook and load CloudExtend again.

Still not working

If manually clearing the Office cache did not resolve your issue then this should do the trick:

  • Exit Outlook
  • run this command from Terminal (replace YOURNAME with your Mac username
rm -r /Users/YOURNAME/Library/Containers/com.Microsoft.Outlook/Data/Library/Caches/WebKit/

If the rm command is not found your path variable may have been set. Check with your admin before running the command below as this will reset your path.

export PATH=/sbin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin
  • Open Outlook and load CloudExtend again 

If none of the above solves your issue, the start a chat with our support rep using the chat icon at the bottom of this page or email to with details.

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