The CloudExtend for NetSuite bundle (ID: 244864) is available publicly for all NetSuite users and can be installed in your accounts.

  • Installation link is here.
    Please note a NetSuite Admin may be required to install this bundle
  • Installing the bundle improves search performance by 3x and allows for additional Enterprise features (both current and planned) 
  • The bundle also allows for more than 4 records to be configured in a user's auto search (more details here)

If users are not connected to the bundle they will see a warning at the top of the App. They can click the 3 dots and scroll to the bottom to check the bundle status.


If users are not seeing the bundle

  • Users can close the add-in, navigate to another email, and then re-open the add-in. This should establish a connection to the bundle.
  • Make sure their role is not a web services only role (verify this by viewing the role and checking that 'web services only role' is not enabled).

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