Issues Fixed [Calendar]

  • Erroneous syncing when ‘See Guests List’ option in Google Calendar is uncheckedIn this case, only the organiser of the event can retrieve the complete guests list.With the new fix, only the organiser is allowed to import this event into NetSuite. If the organiser is not licensed for CEGA in NetSuite, the other attendees are then allowed to import this event.

  • Events that were not syncing to NetSuite from Google Calendar in the case of empty guests list.For this case, when the retrieved guests list is empty, the organiser is added as the attendee to prevent the issue of event not syncing.

  • Events that were not syncing to NetSuite due to constraints on lengths of First Name, Last Name, Message Body, etc.The length of the text is sliced automatically to their maximum allowed values by NetSuite.

  • Events that were not syncing to Google Calendar from NetSuite, when copied from an existing event. Copied events have visibility set to ‘Show as Busy’ by default. Celigo scripts only sync events that have visibility set to ‘public’.The default visibility of the copied event is now set to 'Public' and is being synced. Users can then change this setting when they need to.

  • Events that were not syncing to Google Calendar from NetSuite when created as an attachment to some record typesWhen events are created as an attachment to other records, NetSuite adds that record as an attendee.Some records, such as Job/Project, that do not have an email-id, cause errors because Google expects email-ids for all the attendees.Attendees without email ids will now be skipped. Users will not see this attendee in Google Calendar, but the record will stay untouched in NetSuite.

  • Issues relating to Recurring Events which didn’t sync or synced erroneously are now fixed. These include:Updates to exceptions of recurring events not syncing from NetSuite to Google CalendarDeleting "All the following" events of a recurring Event in Google Calendar not syncing to NetSuiteErroneous syncing when updating dates of a Daily-Recurring event from NetSuite to Google CalendarErroneous syncing when updating a Recurring event after opening the occurrence from middle of the series, from NetSuite to Google Calendar.Erroneous syncing from NetSuite to Google Calendar, when updating single instance of Recurring event in NetSuite to another Recurring event.In Google Calendar, the only way to simulate an exception that is a recurring event is to update exclusions to original recurring event and then create an independent recurring event.

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