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Forget about the manual associations and resyncs - experience Calendar Autopilot, our latest game-changing enhancement! πŸš€

Now, creating events in Outlook will effortlessly sync with NetSuite in real-time. No more selecting records or worrying about duplicates.

In 2022, we treated a selected group of our customers to a beta version of the one-way event sync from Outlook to NetSuite. Eager to share the love, CloudExtend worked hard to productize this feature and bring it to our Enterprise users! We can't wait for you to try it!


To learn how to enable Calendar Autopilot in your organization, check out the link here.

How Calendar Autopilot Works

Watch the video to see it in action!

Feature Highlights! πŸ“…

  • It records meetings and appointments directly from your Outlook calendar, ensuring that they are precisely mirrored in NetSuite.

  • Any changes made to events in Outlook are instantly updated in NetSuite real-time.

  • Users can still manually associate the same event with another contact or transaction record.

  • Give users visibility if someone else has already associated the same event to any NetSuite record.

  • Avoid creating duplicates when the same event is associated with NetSuite records.

For Outlook Events with attendees, CloudExtend will sync the event to all relevant entity records in NetSuite. The order of preferences followed while searching for entities in NetSuite is as follows:

Employee > Contact > Customer > Vendor > Lead> Prospect > Partner > Job

Other Features

Manually Sync Calendar when Event Autopilot is Enabled

Users can save events automatically and manually which is truly a game-changer!

πŸ’‘ Note:

In cases where a user attempts to link an event to more than one contact, transaction, or support case, duplicates will be created. However, in an upcoming update, we will address this issue to ensure that when the same event is updated, duplicates will no longer be created.

Shared Association Feature for Calendar Autopilot

Associations to NetSuite records when done by you or another user CloudExtend user within the organization will be showing in the application as well. The purple indication means someone associated the event with NetSuite so no need to do any linking.

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