What does Calendar Autopilot cost?

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Calendar Autopilot is a new feature released on February 1, 2024. Calendar Autopilot will be free until September 30, 2024 for companies with an active Enterprise Edition subscription that sign up by April 30, 2024. After September 30, the pricing below will apply


Calendar Autopilot is available with two pricing models

For customers with subscriptions to our email applications

Calendar Autopilot will add even more functionality to the calendar sync included in your subscription. With Calendar Autopilot users can create events, move events, add invitees, and even delete events, without having to open the CloudExtend application. Events will sync automatically to matching NetSuite entity records as well as the calendars of the users on the invite list.

In addition to syncing calendar events from Outlook to NetSuite, you can now sync events from NetSuite to Outlook as well and have the full Bi-directional sync between Outlook and NetSuite.

  • $1,000 platform fee

  • $5 per user/month

For customers without a subscription to our email applications

  • $1,000 platform fee

  • $10 per user/month

Now any event you create in Outlook will be visible in your NetSuite account within no time and zero clicks, similarly, any event you create in NetSuite will be visible in Outlook. Your admin will have control over what type of sync is needed for your organization and also which users will have access to this.

Admin Portal Calendar Autopilot Preference


  • A subscription to the Enterprise edition is "currently" required to use the application. This is simply a technical requirement on our end.
    NOTE - this requirement will be going away before October 1st (exact time TBD)

  • Post October 1st, you will need a separate subscription to the Calendar Autopilot

  • Admins should install the CloudExtend SuiteApp and add users to the subscription portal.

  • Check out the guide here! πŸ“…

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