Issue fixed: Missing notifications in Calendar App

The CEGA Calendar app syncs the calendars of Gmail and NetSuite. Events that are created in Gmail are visible in NetSuite. In some instances, events created from domains outside the company network were not syncing and participants did not receive the event notifications due to this. This issue prevented the company and its external customers from coordinating efficiently. The current build has fixed this issue. All participants receive notifications even when the meeting events are created by customers outside the company network.

Issue fixed: Gmail subtab in NetSuite record visible for the unlicensed users

CloudExtend Google Apps is licensed for multiple components of Gmail, Gdocs, Calendar, and Contacts. Users have the option to license one or more of the above apps. In some instances, even when a user did not have the license for the Gmail app, the Gmail section in the NetSuite record would be visible to the user. In the current enhancement, the Gmail sub tab is no longer visible to unlicensed users.

Enhancement: Uninstallation impacting licensed email address

It is a general practice for licensed users to use an alias email ID to operate their CEGA account. The alias email ID is mapped to the email of the licensed user. In some instances, even after uninstallation, the mapping between the emails would be present. When the user revokes the bundle, the mapping between emails would still persist. The new bundle is enhanced such that all email mappings associated with the original email are reset.

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