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Actionable Messaging: Introduction to Actionable Messages

OLNS | Learn how to approve time and expense reports with CloudExtend Outlook without leaving your inbox

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Actionable Messaging is an advanced feature available in Celigo's CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite Enterprise Edition* that allows supervisors to approve time or expense entries directly in Outlook.

How it works

An employee submits an expense or time entry in NetSuite. CloudExtend identifies this event and sends an Actionable Message to their supervisor's Outlook inbox.

The actionable message contains all the information the approver would need to quickly understand who submitted the entry, the total amount, and more. It also includes an Approve action, that can be taken right from Outlook that then sets the corresponding record in NetSuite to approved.

Actionable Messaging in action



  • Subscription to CloudExtend Outlook Enterprise Edition*

  • A license key (ask your Account Executive or Account Manager for help with getting this key)

  • The user approving the message in Outlook should be a licensed user


  • NetSuite Admins should install the CloudExtend bundle in their NetSuite Account.

  • NetSuite Admin should turn off the default approval emails as it may lead to duplicate emails (navigate to Setup > Accounting > Preferences> Account preferences > Time & Expense and uncheck the Automatically Notify Supervisor checkbox.

  • The individuals approving the transactions are required to have CloudExtend Outlook Add-in installed


First, contact your Account Manager (or to request an org-wide license key (free with Enterprise Edition subscriptions).
Then learn how to set up by referring to the links below.

Everyday use

Learn how to use CloudExtend Actionable messaging to approve your time and expense entries.

Contact us to explore your upgrade options today. Use the chat icon at the bottom right of this window or send an email to

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