By default, NetSuite updates every line when a user makes a change to one line on a transaction and selects the update Action. This article shows how to update only select lines which may incrementally improve performance depending on the number of lines updated.

Please read before moving forward
Do not just remove all lines you do want updated without setting Replace All to False or there will be a data loss. NetSuite's default behavior in this case would be to remove all lines and only keep the one being updated.  

Users can choose to only update select lines by:

  • Adding the following fields to the template
    For transactions with items add itemList.replaceAll and itemList.item.line
    For transactions without items, such as Journal Entries add lineList.replaceAll and lineList.line.line
  • Set the value of itemList.replaceAll or lineList.replaceAll to False for the lines you wish to update
  • Remove all the lines that do not require an update

Now, when an update is pushed back to NetSuite, only the lines sent will be updated. All other lines on the transaction record in NetSuite will not be processed.

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