Creating, Editing, and Viewing NetSuite Quotes in Excel
XLNS | Learn how to present beautiful Excel-based quotes to your customers. Plus view/edit/create directly in Excel
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CloudExtend Excel Data Management for NetSuite is a very versatile tool, especially when combined with Excel.  In this example, we'll show customers can leverage CloudExtend Excel Data Management to create beautiful Excel-based quotes for their customers.

These quotes can be pulled in directly from NetSuite and can even be changed directly in Excel. Best of all, because you're using Excel you have full control over formulas and can perform. Go crazy - creating your own complex quantity-based pricing rules in Excel. Add one item and then have other items pulled in automatically.

📣 Customer shout out -> One of our customers, Feeney, Inc., has built an amazing solution for their quoting team that allows them to automatically add all the necessary assembly hardware for the specific railing project they are quoting based on the options and quantities their sales team enters as well as automatically adding items that are commonly forgotten but needed for a specific part. Description lines for railing project details, item categories etc., are also organized within the quote.

Watch the video below to learn more about working with NetSuite Quotes In Excel

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