Why does this occur?

  • Customers using Outlook 2013 will see this issue and can resolve it by upgrading their App to 2016 or higher. 
  • Other customers may see this error when the app is not able to associate "Attached to NetSuite" category to the email you just attached to NetSuite due to a communication issue with your Exchange Web Server.

How does this impact me?

CloudExtend attempts to associate the category after the mail is successfully attached to NetSuite. That means your message is moved to NetSuite, but we are not able to add the "Attached to NetSuite" category in Outlook for that email.

How to work around?

  • Upgrade to Outlook 2016 or higher, preferably with an Office 365 subscription
    - Alternatively use Outlook Web App (0WA)
  • If already on Outlook 2016 ensure you have latest CloudExtend app installed. You can force update by reinstalling the app following these steps.
  • If you are on Outlook 2016 or higher manually add the new category
    - Open the categories
    - Click 'new' and type the following (must be exact including proper case) Attached to NetSuite
    Assign a color and save your choice
  • If you already have the latest app and you are still receiving the error message then we would need to work with your IT team to further troubleshoot your Exchange Server and the way it is configured to handle REST API responses.
    - You would need to contact your Office 365 Admin and ask them to reach out to cloudextend-support@celigo.com 
  • If you're seeing this message for every email you attach, you can temporarily disable category feature from settings, while your Office 365 admin coordinates the API issues with CloudExtend support team.
    To disable categories click the menu icon (3 dots at top right of the App) and then uncheck 'Enable Categories'.


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