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Outlook for NetSuite Legacy
Outlook for NetSuite Legacy

This Help Center is for users of the CloudExtend legacy Outlook application.

138 articles
CloudExtend Outlook RoadmapOLNS | Learn about what we're considering building, what we're building now, and what was recently released. Add and upvote feature requests
Learn How To Get Support For CloudExtend Outlook For NetSuiteOLNS | Can't find what you are looking for? Learn how to get more support here
Getting Started

Find guides and best practices to get you off to the right start

FAQ: Learn about email rollup so you can see all email activity at the parent level (without the extra work)OLNS | Learn which child records will automatically roll up emails to parent records
FAQ: Workaround for adding phone numbers when saving ContactsCEOL | Learn how to skip the validation process in saving phone numbers outside the required format
FAQ: Regranting consent for CloudExtend Outlook AutopilotOLNS | Learn what happens when you regrant consent for CloudExtend Autopilot
FAQ: Sleeping Task Pane for CloudExtend OutlookOLNS | Learn more about the sleeping task pane
FAQ: Get the welcome screen back with CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuiteOLNS | Learn how to turn the welcome screen back on
FAQ: How to create Outlook categories for CloudExtend Outlook to applyOLNS | Learn how to manually create an Outlook category to easily identify emails synced by CloudExtend
FAQ: Adding custom fields to supported record types with CloudExtend OutlookOLNS | Learn how to add custom fields for supported record types
FAQ: CloudExtend Outlook categories not in Master Category ListOLNS | Learn about the steps required to add your Outlook categories to your master catalog
FAQ: Converting Categories from Attached by NetSuite to Synced by CloudExtendOLNS | Learn how to convert your Outlook categories
FAQ: How to determine my CloudExtend Outlook version numberOLNS | Learn how to find your version number
FAQ: How to Filter Email View in NetSuite for CloudExtend OutlookOLNS | Customize view in NetSuite to filter synced emails
FAQ: Why are emails sometimes duplicated in NetSuite when using CloudExtend Outlook?OLNS | Learn how to avoid duplicate emails on the NetSuite customer record
FAQ: When to enable Don't show the welcome pageOLNS | Enabling the Don't show the welcome page to work faster
FAQ: How to uninstall and reinstall CloudExtend OutlookOLNS | How to force an application update by uninstalling and reinstalling the application
FAQ: Upgrade CloudExtend Outlook from Free to User EditionOLNS | Learn how to buy (license) CloudExtend Outlook and keep all your features
FAQ: Prevent Outlook users from creating new records in NetSuite within the appOLNS | Learn how to use NetSuite permissions to prevent users from creating or editing records in Outlook
FAQ: How do I tell which version of Microsoft Outlook I haveOLNS | Learn how to locate your Outlook Version
FAQ: Task pane pinning 📌OLNS | Learn how to keep CloudExtend app open all the time
FAQ: How CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite identifies matching recordsOLNS | Learn how CloudExtend Outlook searches NetSuite to find matching entities and transaction records
FAQ: Side Load CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuiteOLNS | Learn how to side load Outlook Add-in
FAQ: Can I Log Into CloudExtend Outlook using 2 Factor Authentication, TBA or SSO?OLNS | CloudExtend Outlook users can login with TBA or SSO
FAQ: How do I exclude inactive NetSuite records when searching for records to attach my email to via CloudExtend Outlook?OLNS | Excluding inactive NetSuite contacts from search in CloudExtend Outlook
CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite support for shared mailboxesOLNS | Learn why you receive "You cannot perform this action. This add-in scenario is not supported in this folder" with certain mailboxes
FAQ: Record Types Supported by CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuiteOLNS | CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite currently supports the following records
FAQ: What are the file formats supported by CloudExtend Outlook?OLNS | CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite supports attaching the following file formats to the NetSuite file cabinet
FAQ: What is the limit on the size of files that can be attached in a single email?OLNS | Know the file limit size that can be attached in a single email
FAQ: What phone number formats are supported when adding a phone number in when creating a contact in CloudExtend Outlook?OLNS | Phone number formats supported by CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite
FAQ: Search by Prefix feature in CloudExtend Outlook BundleOLNS | Troubleshoot when customers, contacts, and other records are not found in Outlook auto search
FAQ: Use Outlook categories to quickly identify emails attached to NetSuite recordsOLNS | Learn how to add a category to emails attached to NetSuite records with CloudExtend
FAQ: Differences between NetSuite's deprecated Outlook integration and Celigo's CloudExtend Outlook + CloudExtend Outlook Roadmap (with comparison chart)OLNS | Learn about current and future differences between "NetSuite for Outlook" and CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite and what is planned
FAQ: Zoom in or out of the CloudExtend app in OutlookOLNS | Resize your CloudExtend app for best display

Troubleshooting: CloudExtend files tab showing a white blank pageOLNS | When clicking CloudExtend files tab, button not showing when login into O365
Troubleshooting: Why aren't my custom fields displaying in CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite when editing my record form?OLNS | If you're unable to see custom fields when editing the record form, here is the solution
Error: Unable to associate a category to emailCEOL | Learn why CloudExtend may not be able to create an Outlook category
Error: ADD-IN ERROR 'This add-in could not be started. Close this dialog to ignore the problem or click “Restart” to try again'OLNS | Learn how to enable protected mode to resolve this issue in CloudExtend Outlook
Error: "Your subscription has expired" when logging into CloudExtend OutlookOLNS | Resolving login issues when you get the message "Your subscription has expired"
Error: CloudExtend Outlook Error 5000OLNS | Learn more about error code 5000
Error: CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite And Missing Author/Recipient EntitiesOLNS | Learn how CloudExtend Outlook handles outlier situations when the sender or recipient email does not exist on the attached record
Error: The account you are trying to access is currently unavailable while we undergo our regularly scheduled maintenanceOLNS | Learn how to fix the error "The account you are trying to access is currently unavailable..."
Error: We are not able to load your subsidiary dataOLNS | Work around the "We are not able to load your subsidiary data" message
Error: Account holder (your email) not present in NetSuite. Kindly add to NetSuite and try attaching again.OLNS | Is CloudExtend not resolving your email address to your employee record? Find out why and fix it right here
Troubleshooting: We were unable to log you in. Please try againOLNS | Why does looping issue occur and how can we solve this
Troubleshooting: Issue with Autopilot Emails showing as Raw HTMLOLNS | See troubleshooting steps if Autopilot emails are showing in NetSuite as raw HTML
Troubleshooting: How to end task the Desktop Web App Viewer for CloudExtend OutlookOLNS | Learn how to end task the desktop web app viewer or install the Desktop App Web Viewer
Troubleshooting: Unable to connect to the REST URLOLNS | Learn why you may get a message that Outlook is experiencing an issue that is affecting CloudExtend functionality
Troubleshooting: Updating CloudExtend OutlookOLNS | Learn how to check your version number and update to the latest version
Troubleshooting: Microsoft Outlook Memory Leak (solved)OLNS | Learn more about a known Microsoft issue that causes memory leaks with add-ins
Troubleshooting: Enabling Legacy Attach for CloudExtendOLNS | How to enable legacy attach for CloudExtend
Troubleshooting: Autopilot watch renewal failedOLNS | Learn more about Autopilot watch renewal failure messages
Troubleshooting: User has exceeded the maximum number of tokensOLNS | Learn how to revoke older unneeded tokens
Troubleshooting: Customizing the Global Search Prefix and Suffix with CloudExtend OutlookOLNS | Learn how to add global search prefix and suffixes to identify more records when searching
Troubleshooting: CloudExtend Outlook is not finding the records I wantOLNS | Learn how to troubleshoot when CloudExtend cannot find matching contacts or other record types
Troubleshooting: Can I login to CloudExtend Outlook on a Mobile device with a role that requires 2FA?OLNS | Learn what to do if your role requires two factor authentication and you want to use Outlook mobile application
Troubleshooting: Making sure that browser cache is not being cleared on exitOLNS | Learn how to set Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge to not clear browser cache on exit
Troubleshooting: Issues with phone number validation when saving ContactsOLNS | Learn how CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite validates phone numbers
Troubleshooting: Unable to save records or events in Outlook due to required custom fieldsOLNS | Learn several workarounds to bypass custom field validation rules
Troubleshooting: CloudExtend Outlook icon is missing or grayed outOLNS | Learn why Outlook add-ins are grayed out or missing on certain mail items
Troubleshooting: Internet Explorer Settings For CloudExtend Outlook On Windows MachinesOLNS | Optimal Internet Explorer Settings For CloudExtend Outlook
Troubleshooting: Enabling SOAP Web Services for CloudExtend OutlookOLNS | Getting the Invalid login, customer access is disabled error? Learn how to enable web services for your role to resolve the error
Troubleshooting: Unable to attach files to NetSuite from OutlookOLNS | Learn why files cannot be attached or viewed in NetSuite. Understand why file attach is not possible in compose mode
Troubleshooting: How to log out of CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuiteOLNS | Learn how to log out of the CloudExtend application
Troubleshooting: Outlook emails fail to attach to NetSuiteOLNS | Learn how to troubleshoot when emails fail to attach to NetSuite
Troubleshooting: Hyperlinks not opening from Celigo Help WidgetOLNS | If Outlook is prompting you to choose an application when you click on a link in our help widget follow these steps
Troubleshooting: CloudExtend Outlook and NetSuite Concurrency ErrorsOLNS | Learn how to troubleshoot NetSuite Concurrency Errors
Troubleshooting: Trouble updating or loading your CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuiteOLNS | If your Outlook App is showing a spinning icon, you just see three dots or a white screen here's how to resolve it
Error: The WSDL version being used requires Token Based Authentication (TBA)OLNS | Know how to resolve the TBA error when you see this on your screen