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CloudExtend Outlook Roadmap

OLNS | Learn about what we're considering building, what we're building now, and what was recently released. Add and upvote feature requests

Updated over a week ago

View our public facing roadmap to see what we're working on.

We’ve broken the portal into several sections

  • Customer Submitted Ideas Up For Vote - When customers submit new ideas we vet them to make sure they are technically feasible. Once vetted, we post them here so that others can upvote them.

  • Shortlisted Ideas Under Consideration For Development - Here you can see ideas we’ve consolidated from end-users (and internal users) that are not yet in active development but we consider good candidates for an upcoming build. It is here that you can upvote the ideas and add your own feedback. Our team meets on a regular cadence to review these ideas and prioritize which ones will move to active development next. We break these ideas into two sections, net new features and enhancements to existing functionality.

  • Under Active Development – Here you can see the features and enhancements the engineering team is actively working on right now and can be expected to be seen in an upcoming release. Although these have already moved beyond ‘Under Consideration’ it’s not too late for you to upvote them or add your own comments.

  • Released – Here you will see a list of features and enhancements that are now live in the App. We’re not including many of the historical releases here, however, we do expect to see this build up over time with new releases.

  • Known Issues – Here you will see features that have been requested or considered but are not yet possible due to limitations beyond our direct control.

Submitting new ideas

The best ideas come from the users that use CloudExtend applications every day. We’re now giving these users the ability to impact our future product roadmap by submitting new ideas. We meet regularly to review all these ideas with the ultimate goal of promoting them to Under Consideration for others to see and vote on.

To submit a new idea click Submit Idea at the top right of the portal.

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