Some users will insert columns into their tables that are not bound to NetSuite (ie no values in row 1). A common example would be to use this field as the basis for a formula to set other values in the table.

During an upsert operation the values remain in the table when the upsert is complete, however, if a user decides to use the refresh operation the following behavior is seen for those non bound columns (during a record refresh Cloudextend rebuilds the data based on the most recent values in NetSuite).

The reason CloudExtend does not retain data during a refresh operation is that we don't have a way of knowing for sure that all the rows will be returned (for example someone could have decided to delete 10 rows during an upsert, etc. In this case there would have 100 rows to start, 10 were deleted, and during the refresh only 90 were returned. Of those 90 it would be quite possible to have mismatches of the values in the non bound columns.

Behavior by field type

Excel field type

CloudExtend Behavior

Static text

Values are replaced with null


Expected behavior is that the formula will remain intact as long as the user has applied the General formatting to the entire column, ie B:B, and not just to the cells in the table. If the user had applied the formatting only to the table cells the refresh may change it back to Text in which case the user will need to reapply the General formatting.

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